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  1. reaping lol price checked it ... then looked up 31/1/13 3way divine :) wont complain much , still solo :3
  2. which i meant was he is supposed to be "an ironman" and yet calls m8s to block prime/supreme unless 100% success rate of running safe to rex those self reliant ironmen...
  3. thanks jagex for ruining pking fo me , started skilling instead :) 1year or at my rates 2 years for trim , no thanks
  4. fu araxor left , had comp reqs since 2400 ttl :/ decided to waste gps and buy max instead....
  5. full manual wbu? ha , that luck today + monthly d/d token
  6. really jagex ffs , you DO realise that theres more players than 2 crappy servers? ( no point to play atm unless they add more servers asap , lag spikes every 0.33 seconds ) tho , ags specs woot!
  7. www.666kb.com decent , converts quality bit lower though
  8. so decided to go for 200 [ 138 , soon enough ] , have not really trained any combat for a long time... so wondering , whats the best xp per hours for single stat atm? dont really care about drops / prefer long trips so far tested : abyss: 300k/hr - too dull glacors 450k/hr - ok i guess but too much banking thanks in advance
  9. nop , atleast for drygores , seen twice lol
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