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  1. Hi, I was curious: When you die at a boss with say, torva and drygore maces, and your grave runs out, do they turn into coins for the other players to see? or do they see degraded to 0 versions of them? or nothing at all? Thanks!
  2. Yes, they wanted to reach the members who don't follow the front page because the vote was flatlining. This. I know a TON of people that don't pay attention to the main page of RS ever. Nevermind FB or twitter.
  3. Jagex has a track record of doing something the community doesn't like, then clamming up for a few days. If it reaches a certain uproar, they will address it eventually. Climbing boots come to mind when I think of the situation. Albeit, this is much smaller in the grand scheme. Now, I don't want to be labeled as a '07scape whiner'. I supported the movement after hearing of the vote, and I enjoy spending time on the old servers. I also enjoy the current game. I LOVE quests. Especially huge ones like this. That said, a major update like this being put off a week isn't a big deal to me anymore. I used to track the BTS hardcore. Wait every first day of the month to see what was upcoming. If it came as planned, great. If not, I wasn't happy. However, I grew to accept the fact that they won't be able to push out all content they 'promise' every week or month. It was their fault for creating this new weekly BTS, that put immense pressure on them. They should've never done that. However, I would rather them keep pushing out BTS and regular content. Even if it gets delayed. Yes, the cause of this delay was most likely from 07scape. They will never admit to it. They know they said it wouldn't effect real-game updates. They also said that when the servers came up that resources would initially be taken away to get them running. They stuck themselves in a tight squeeze. They rushed the "beta 07 servers" to try to get more instant memberships and votes. I'm sure it probably worked. Maybe I look at the situation differently than others. The only difference I see with this delayed update compared to all the others is that there is finally something to point the finger at. That said, and as others have said, you shouldn't vent at the people who support 07scape. That is the wrong place to aim the frustration. Ramble complete. Goodnight.
  4. That made me smile more than it probably should've.
  5. However, even though before voting even started they said: "Although some of our resources and time would be reallocated initially to the reinstatement of the 2007 servers, the main game would still continue to receive its regular updates, as well as the massive updates promised for 2013.". That right there covers their asses and should have been expected. Now if they for some reason don't get the quest or any updates out in the next couple weeks, you have a reason to [bleep] about it.
  6. Have you forgotten about this? "What is a 'Behind the Scenes' article? Behind the Scenes is a sneak peek at the planned game updates that we hope to launch in the coming month. This, however, is only a plan; not a promise that a particular update will be released in a particular way or at a particular time. To get you the highest quality updates as quickly as possible, we usually keep on tweaking and testing right up until the moment before release, so sometimes things change or take a bit longer than expected. We aren't afraid to change our plan if necessary, as we will never launch an update before it is ready." Nothing is promised. Unbunch your pantalones.
  7. Everything pisses somebody off. Edit. This is why they cancelled BTS years ago in the first place. I guess the best way go about this is to cancel BTS again, so nobody knows what is in the pipeline, and if something gets pushed back a week, people aren't losing years off their life from blood pressure spikes.
  8. I wonder if the "current players online" number on the main page counts the players in 07scape. 111k currently on main page and about 53k on 07.
  9. I am rather angry right now, so this might as come out as harsher than intended, but your posted argument is such a pathetic non-argument that it shouldn't even merit any reply, and it's a tired one too, as I have heard it hundreds of times. Simply because Jagex has wronged us in the past does not justify or excuse any current or future misdeeds on their part. We aren't surprised by this behaviour (after this much time, obviously it has become routine), but we are certainly angry about it, as is our right. If you [bleep] someone over a hundred different times, sure the 101st time won't be shocking, but will they still be angry? Ya betcha! It was a pathetic non-argument because it was a statement; and everything I say doesn't need to be an argument (unlike some people).
  10. It's funny how angry it makes people. They've done things like this for the past half decade. Dunno why you're not used to it by now, and still get so worked up over it.
  11. "Although some of our resources and time would be reallocated initially to the reinstatement of the 2007 servers, the main game would still continue to receive its regular updates, as well as the massive updates promised for 2013." Get over it.
  12. The layout has changed. http://services.rune...M/rs2007-server
  13. There are plenty of supporters, and they have made their points pages back. After this many pages of discussion, there isn't much else needed besides watch to see what the final result is.
  14. There is no "Us vs. Them". There is a WE. And as it looks now, WE will, for the first time, have a choice whether to play the same way we usually do, or play the way we used to. Neither choice is wrong. Neither opinion is wrong. What I DO find amusing though, is how all of a sudden people care how Jagex spends its money and uses its employees.
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