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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!! Have fun! ^_^

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      A full year, and nobody else posted but me... creepy. o_O

  2. What's with the creases on skillcapes? It makes me think of a dried riverbed or folded leather.
  3. It would be impossible to dive without some modern day equipment. I know diving gear kinda does exist in the game, but if we are not gonna make guns available, we shouldn't make these available either. The reason we can't really dive without modern equipment is because we all play humans with no super powers at all. We might be able to use the skill magic, but my point now stands. There are already three tiers of diving suits planned for the aquarium update based on late 19th/early 20th century designs.
  4. But QBD only has elbows... That aside, an injury like that will only turn you into an omniscient city guard.
  5. A lot of the money made from slayer nowadays comes from picking up random garbage, whether it's alchable or just in high demand. Examine everything and establish a price which you decide it's worth it to pick up an item, and pick up everything above that price. Aside from that, all you need to do is hope for tasks with decent drops such as: Exiled Kalphite marauders & guardians (kalphite task) Steel dragons Gargoyles Spiritual warriors and mages (haven't done rangers in a long time) Abyssal demons Automatons Tormented demons Glacors Ascension beasts
  6. I can easily make 1,000 steel platebodies within an hour. Heck, I think I can even make them within 30 minutes. Just imagine how ridiculously easily it would be to make money if you could make dragon daggers that quick. 18,000 Coins might not be a lot, but it is. But also think of the higher level items to make with dragon bars. It's not even funny how easy it would be to make money off the dragon bars. How much are you willing to pay for something you can fabricate over 1,000 of in an hour?
  7. Which makes dragon items, being just like everything else, not special. All dragon items had special attacks, and most of them were the best or close to it at some point. They're special in the way that they worked, similar to the Ivandis flail's permanent buff based on your vampyre kills, or Balmung/Keris' damage bonus against specific creatures. There's nothing special about killing a monster, and instead of getting 627 coins, or 2 lobsters, you get a dragon shield half.
  8. I honestly don't see how that would make any sense since a dragon bar doesn't exist. Nor do I think it should exist since making dragon items smithable will eliminate what made them special. And that's the fact that you can only get them by special circumstances. Black items are also unsmithable, though I wouldn't call them special since they are between steel and mithril when it comes to power and defense. Most of the early dragon items are simply bought from shops, and the newer ones are almost exclusively monster drops. They were never really special, it's just that a lot of them were the best for a while, and so gained a reputation they didn't deserve. The biggest difference between black items and dragon items is that dragon gear was actually good at one point.
  9. That's 68275 dosesses of overload, good for 341375 minutes of combat (5689,58 hours or 237 days or 7,9 months) :o 298,081,822.5 hp healed with ice asylum 11,379,166.6 abilities activated 5,596 steel titan pouches used 569 trips to house to repair gear 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree
  10. Shouldn't they be called Unlucky chaotics if you currently can only get them by losing gear to something random and out of your control?
  11. It can't make it less hypocritical, because it's already not hypocritical. You're assuming that Jagex is on the same level as you, and that they abide by the same rules as you do. They are not. They create the game. They offer you the opportunity to play the game, and what demands they have of you. There is no hypocrisy because there are no virtues, principles, or publicly approved attitudes. This is a contract between the two of you.
  12. This. So much this. I don't like PKing; I don't like risk-based PvP. I don't especially like safe PvP either (like, castle wars and soul wars), but it can be okay. I suspect that, even if I invested the time and energy into learning how to be good at it, I still wouldn't like it. I definitely don't want to invest that much more energy just to be able to continue slaying (a normally non-PvP activity) without penalty. I don't think that's an unreasonable stance to have.It's not. It really should be togglable. In all honesty though, blocking them is a pretty reasonable expectation. You don't have to do them but you lose a block space in order to do so. People who are willing to do them should have a benefit over someone who doesn't. Soul Reaper's system is a solid example that works well. The benefits they gain are the unique drops. This isn't rewarding those that choose to do the task as much as it is penalizing those who don't.
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