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Updated images, part 2!

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guthansplatebody.gif - Guthan's platebody

guthanschainskirt.gif - Guthan's chainskirt (The current one wasn't even transparented for some reason o.O, but it was out of date anyways)

capeoflegends.gif - Cape of legends

faladorshield2.gif - Falador shield 2

slayersstaff.gif - Slayer's staff

toktzketxil.gif - Toktz-ket-xil -Obsidian Shield-

bonecrusher.gif - Bonecrusher

candycane.gif - Candy cane

birdseggblue.gif - Bird's egg -blue-

birdsegggreen.gif - Bird's egg -green-

cleanavantoe.gif - Clean avantoe

cleancadantine.gif - Clean cadantine

cleanirit.gif - Clean irit

cleankwuarm.gif - Clean kwuarm

cleanmarrentill.gif - Clean marrentill

cleanranarr.gif - Clean ranarr

cleansnapdragon.gif - Clean snapdragon

cleantarromin.gif - Clean tarromin

cleantoadflax.gif - Clean toadflax

vialempty.gif - Vial -Empty-


Looks like all the herbs are changed, but thats all I had in my bank. As well as all the potion (well a lot from what I can tell) Have had their images changed as well, but I don't know how to make animated gifs. :P

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These have all been done, and you have been credited. Thanks!

For potions, you don't have to worry about the .gif as such, an image of each dose is enough, then we can make it into a .gif :)

Edit: Ah you were adding more as I was uploading them, all done up to Legend's cape. :thumbup:

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Yea, sorry, just kept editing it, and wasn't refreshing to see if anyone responded. Sorry. :P


Think i'm done for now though. I'll work on some of the potions later.

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