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So...I was in the middle of fishing when I realized that I don't actually need 62 fishing because I can boost from 57. My fishing level is 59 now anyway...

I took all the raw fish that I caught and cooked it. That almost gave me 62 cooking and I got the rest of the XP with penguin points.



So now I am going to complete Swan Song and finish my TT.


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So I'm doing my Banshee task when one of them drops a level 1 clue. I finish my task and do the T.T. After 4 clues I get this:




Now compare this reward to the one in my previous post (from a level 3 clue)...:mellow:


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nice blog keep up the good work




Blog update:

The slayer task I am on now is hellhounds. After this task is done I will have:

- 4k xp til 80 attack.

- 67 Slayer.

- 78 Consititution.

- Enough points for slayer helm.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


EDIT: Got all the things I said above.


[spoiler=67 Slayer]67slay.png



[spoiler=78 Consitution]78hp.png



[spoiler=Full slayer helm]slayhelm.png



Now I have a lot of dungeoneering to do.


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still a nub!!! j/k :P nice prograss :D

also we can do some dung later with my nub :o hes 50 dung atm


Thanks! Right now I'm working on getting a fire cape and later today I am going to make a list of accomplishments from the last month. (It's been 1 month since I started the blog)


Doing some Dging would be awesome...Soloing gets kinda boring.:wall:


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I got 71 ranged while I was doing the Fight Caves and thought I'd post it.




I didn't finish the Caves; I was on wave 60 when I made the stupid mistake of going within melee range of a 360. :wall:


Here's the list of what I've accomplished in the last month:


-A bunch of fishing and cooking levels.

-A bunch of quests.

-76 Strength

-80 Attack

-70 ranged and mage

-Barrows gloves

-Full slayer helm

-52 summoning

-78 hp

-A bunch of other random levels.


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