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WildGuard + Sabres vs Brutality and others

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Edit: We aren't actually claiming a win, else title would be "WG/TS Defeat Brut".

In actual fact, after they massed up properly they beat us more times than we beat them.

But this isnt's not a topic about who defeated who, it's about our rather fun and enjoyable night out.

We claim nothing and have no disrespect to Brut or anyone else.


So yesterday, WG had our usual Saturday raid. With The Sabres joining in on this one, we managed to pull a pretty sweet 96 opts :XD: Heading out we ran into HF and that did not go down to well for us. After getting some kills in, we decided to head up deep, meeting Brut on the way at Dwarves. To be fair, there were only about 10 or so of them, so the fight was over in a couple of minutes.







So then we continued up deep.





Our second fight with Brut was at the gap, which we managed to clear, and the fight proceeded to Gdz. Brut still had low numbers compared to us, and returned by tele'ing in straight to Gdz (Epic barrage pile). Soon enough their returning skills were on par with our numbers, so it became pretty balanced, if not really even.







This lasted for 10-15 minutes until AF showed up and ended the fun :-(


After that we fought FF at New Gate, which ended for us fairly quickly. We went back to shallow and apparently had some more fights with Brut/AF, and picked on Welfarers for a bit before ending.





Many thanks to HF, Brut, FF and all others for some fun fights, was a pretty cool night out overall. Respect :thumbsup:

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Gratz WG + TS :thumbup:

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?


appmanagercrown.pngTKO Blitz Member | bluepd5.gifEx-Tempted Killers Council

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Grats :thumbup:

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