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  1. iTzKoNG

    CR vs DF

    more of a tie then a win for you, i don't get why you logged after 10 seconds of saying you won....
  2. Just thought i would post this here :)
  3. Get over it there are better ways to make money anyways :thumbup:
  4. GooD Point, maybe a video for proof would be in order or a picture of the AC killing your members (not just 1 incase it was an accident) but when they kill 3+ it looks intentional
  5. Also would the ac post a topic? how would they get the recognition to get points.
  6. Don't think it will work, thanks for input though!
  7. not what i said, how would you declare the points would it be just a set amount for coming or quality of ac which would be hard to judge.
  8. you don't gain any more potential since you originally killed the person :ohnoes:
  9. Seems a bit stupid, clans will have to time and prove they have been AC'ing for this long and with X kills (so X pictures should be uploaded!)... Quality (as in numbers they had or if they were there from start to finish) of the AC and the satisfaction from the fighting clans are more important in my opinion. Then again these points that will be awarded shouldn't be that high, more like a bonus. i just dont see how there would be a consistent points rewarded for the quality of the ac.
  10. maybe the ac should get points based on how long they stay and how many kills they get.. maybe like 10-25 points an hour and 1 point a kill also to get a point for kills they should take a picture of each kill they get!
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