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Gravite 2H sword troubles

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    Chicken Feather

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OK so I play alot on free sometimes. Either I didn't renew my mems, or its just that I like F2p pvp games and Bounty +1. So, thinkin I was smart, I spent the time in Dunge getting the new Gravite 2h sword. If you have this sword, or have read about it, you know it has only 1 useful setting. Seriously, crush is it as the other settings actually have negative bonuses. So why does it default to the defensive setting when wielded from unarmed. I know that the ppl at Jagex arent stupid(pls dont flame that comment) so why default to block???????
Wouldn't you design it so that it defaults to the ONLY useful attack style? I really hate to complain, this sword is worth every crappy minute/hour/day you gotta spend getting it. It hits hard and is as consistent as at least the
Saradomin Sword. When I use it it dominates ppl that I have no business beating. I just dont understand this irritating flaw. When you pvp and die, I know the avatar reverts to that setting but the block is in the same position as the crush setting.
It just makes me wanna rage like that german kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or maybe I'm just stupid...
No that's not it...
Also, WHYYYYY does it have a hi-alch value of 27k coins??????? That places the value of a Dunge token at roughly .675gp. It costs ONE MILLION COINS to repair it but it hi alchs for 27k. Earlier I stated that I didn't think that the ppl at Jagex were stupid. So they're doin this crap on purpose!!!!!!
I think they live for you tube vids of ppl ragin about their silly ideas. Anyway when you bounty+1 this wep u gotta wear *sigh* addy armour! FTeverlovinL!!!!!
I don't understand that alch value when you gotta pay AT LEAST 100k gp to repair it from uncharged.
Just once I wanna see something in RS make sense.
Just once please???

Btw if u see me comin in F2P, move over or get ownt!


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They just like to piss us off.

My lame drops:
6 Effigys
1 D Med - 1 D Dagger
1 Verac's Helmet - 1 Guthan's Platebody

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use rune sword on slash, then switch to gravite 2h crush. their attack styles line up.

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