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Dg monsters style weaknesses


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Hellhounds are weak to stab, but also weak to crush, but stab preferred.

Fire Giants are weak to crush. Hill giants are not, so I just slash them.


Forgotten Warriors should be maged, otherwise, crush/slash depending on whether it has platebody/chainbody.

Other Forgottens/Necro and Books/Picks it doesn't really matter, just use your strongest type (probably slash)

Brutes should be stabbed.

All elemental warriors (Earth/Ice) should be crushed.

Demons should be stabbed. However, high level demons (eg. Black Demons) can also be maged if you don't have stab. This is the same case for ghosts. You should mage high level ghosts (assuming you don't have a hex).


I always crush ice/night/dungeon spiders, although they're so weak it hardly matters.


All skeletons are crushed, including mages. All zombies are slashed.


Reborns should be crushed.


Guard Dogs it doesn't matter, so strongest style.


Of course, if you have a hex, just range anything that can mage, except for skeleton mages. However, if you have a hex and a leatherbody (or something else that boosts your range attack significantly), you should also range hellhounds, guard dogs, brutes, and skeleton mages.


Also, you really should be using it on all bosses (unless they are praying range). For dreadnaut, you can use it as well, even though magic is more effective, range with hex is not bad.


Do not use range if you do not have a hex, unless you want range xp and don't care about efficiency (and are not dging with a team, as you would slow them down too by using non-hex range).


If you have magic runes, mage high level zombies, elemental warriors, forgotten warriors, brutes, fire giants, and maybe skeletons. If any of these are low level (with the exception of forgotten warriors, only melee Zeph warriors and lower, assuming you have a t10 weapon), you can also just melee.

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