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The Tipit Homeworlds (F2P/P2P), Official Team Cape & HYT

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Tip.It Homeworlds


If you are interested in meeting fellow tipit users in-game then why not use one of our Homeworlds.


The Tipit Homeworlds are an entirely optional way of meeting people who also use Tipit. The general idea is that the majority of Tipit users will use these worlds on a regular basis and this will hopefully increase the chance of them seeing one another in-game.

  • The Tipit Homeworld for F2P is World 7
  • The Tipit Homeworld for P2P is World 99

Using these worlds is entirely optional and i'm sure some people will have reasons for not using these worlds but knowing other Tipit users in-game will hopefully make a much more friendly community within Tipit.



Paired with the new Tip.it Homeworld, we wanted to introduce an idea that was brought up by Camobizkit long ago on the Scapeboard Forums. Back then it was called Hey You Scapeboarder, or HYS!! for short. With the name change, it will now be Hey You Tip.iter... or HYT!!!! for short.


The idea is that while you are training, pking or just meandering around you are bound to recognize some familiar Tip.it names out there. When you do, shout HYT!!! at them, and see if they reply. I know I see lots of Tipiters here and there, and with the new homeworld, I am sure to see more on world 7.


Take a screeny, talk for a while... have some fun. I was pretty nooby back when Hey you scapeboarder was brought out, and I met a few good friends by walking up and shouting "HYT!!!". Punk4ever became one of my closest friends and I was only bold enough to walk up and say 'hello' through HYS. Here's a pic of KS_Jeppe and I meeting.




She showed it to me not too long ago and I had a good laugh. Back then I was just a noob and she was just a noob who helped everyone on the Help Board.


So get on that homeworld, meet some people and take some pictures. Share all of your screenshots here, we'd all love to see them! :D


Tip.It Team Cape


Want to easily be recognized by fellow Tip.it'ers? Then wear the official Tip.it Team Cape!

  • The Tip.it Team Cape is: team 39 - Green.

[hide=How to get your Tip.it Team cape!]All you need is 50 gp. If you are worried about dieing in the wild (not much of a problem anymore) then only bring the money!


Here is a map to Simon:



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