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F2P Artisan's Workshop training

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    Unicorn Horn

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I was wondering what you guys' thoughts were on smithing burial armour using Iron Ingot I for cheap xp.

Iron ingot I are 1 iron ore each and give 100xp before percentage bonuses...

Just wondering if this is a good idea to carry on considering the cheap xp...


Cheap Mark - Going for 1050 Total

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    Demon Vanquisher

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I did some calculating a week ago and came up with this. The exp/h is aproximate going by 350 ingots/h which is what I think I averaged and prices may have changed so the prices may not be exactly up to date.

Ingot ---gp/exp (no bonus) --- gp/exp (bonus) ----- exp/h
iron i ----------- 1.24 ------------------- 1.13 ----------------- 40k
iron ii ---------- 5.57 ------------------- 5.06 ----------------- 75k
iron iii ---------- 6.25 ------------------- 5.68 ----------------- 90k
steel i --------- 4.36 ------------------- 3.96 ----------------- 50k
steel ii --------- 8.15 ------------------- 7.41 ----------------- 90k
steel iii -------- 12.89 ----------------- 12.62 --------------- 125k

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    Rat Meat

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I would much rather do Artisans workshop then super heat, smelt or spend the money on platebodys.
I did 50-70 smithing doing Iron I it wasn't too bad and I didn't lose too much gp.

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