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TRWF defeats MMA

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TRWF | GMT based PVP clan | www.warhungers.com | #trwf on irc.seersirc.net



Written by Mr Steedman himself:


TRWF and MMA had a small prep for a 1:30 hours pkri. After a hard battle the warhungers were able to pull together well in the last 20 minuits to make an epic end that what had been a hard battle, whilst being outnumbered heavily most of the fight. Great job tonight Warhungers, be proud!




Trwf Starting: 84 ops



MMa starting: 43 on ts?


Immediate ending opitons.


TRWF: 84



MMA: 81




Some pictures of the fight:








Ending options were close, but given the numbers the win was ours.



Stormfolk | TRWF Clanfriend


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Good fight guys. 6 kills 4 deaths. We smashed it the last hour, made you regroup 3 times while being outnumbered


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