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We Kill Bots - The Best Green Dragon Bot Killing Clan


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We Kill Bots is a clan I started that allows players to take part in solving an epidemic in RuneScape. As all of you know, bots have been a major issue in RuneScape since the beginning of time, and gold selling websites have integrated their gold farming process with the use of bots as well. Nearly 95% of the bots that cut trees, kill turoths, kill green dragons, kill black demons, and pick flax are run by gold selling websites. To put this in perspective, if 1,000 green dragon bots run 10 hours a day and collect 400 bones an hour, that means each day those 1,000 bots collect 4,000,000 dragon bones. This reduces the price of dragon bones IMMENSELY! On top of that, there are actually 100,000 active green dragon bots that run weekly. This reduces the price of bones, hides, and makes the RuneScape economy highly unstable. Why do I put so much emphasis on green dragon bots, though? Green dragons are located in the wilderness, and players can attack each other in the wilderness. This means we, the legitimate players, can report the bots and then kill them.


Now I'm sure a lot of you are asking yourselves, why would you want to do this and how this would benefit you. RuneScape's economy runs like the real world's economy. The less supply, the more demand. If there are less bots, there are less dragon bones being collected, thus the price of dragon bones (and hides) goes up tremendously. The actual price a dragon bone should be worth is around 10,000 GP (compared to the less than 4,000 GP now). The more bots you report and kill, the higher the price of dragon bones and hides become. This means when you're low on cash, YOU, the legitimate player, can go out and kill green dragons without the congestion of bots and make nearly 270k an inventory from killing green dragons. Not only that, if you're the merchanting type, you can invest in a large amount of dragon bones now, kill the bots, and watch your investment skyrocket.


The biggest issue with permanently removing bots from the game is being consistent. Getting rid of a bot infestation does not take a day, or a week, or a month, or even a year. It's a long process that removes bots aggressively over a somewhat long period of time. Gold selling websites will not give up easily when it comes to making money. Their business is booming, and the last thing they want is to have their business messed around with. They'll put up a fight, but we can put up a better one.


We Kill Bots needs the support of people all around the world. To beat this disease, we need to be working around the clock killing bots. Obviously it's not realistic to be killing bots all day, but try to allocate a certain amount of time in the day to killing the bots. While you're killing the bots, join the clan's friends chat "WeKillBots" and the more active you are and bots you kill, the higher your rank in it will become. This clan is open to the public, and allows you to be in other clans as well. There's is nothing exclusive about it other than our task: to kill green dragon bots.


I have three RuneScape accounts:

1) Hell Yah Bro

2) I Edit Stuff

3) WeKillBots


The clan's chats will be housed on the "WeKillBots" account, while the other two accounts (Hell Yah Bro and I Edit Stuff) will be general ranked leaders.


Prizes will be held to those who contribute the most to clan by participating in aggressive green dragon bot killing, and being active in the friends chat. Prizes will be anywhere from 1M GP to 50m GP.


To outline the basic information, please read below:


Friends chat: WeKillBots

Goal: Report and kill green dragon bots


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