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  1. Why would Swiftkit agree to partner with tip.it? Aren't they already integrated with Zybez?
  2. Not surprised that it has to be quoted from another fansite given how dead these forums are
  3. Quikdrawjoe killed tip.it CD (The truth hurts, doesn't it)
  4. he's on these forums like 24/7 should be a moderator of these entire forums to be honest lol
  5. Nice guide! Which would you say is better worth getting? Tome of Frost or Magical blastbox?
  6. Really saw this coming, congrats :thumbup:
  7. Time goes by so fast. Congrats on 2 years T0 :thumbup:
  8. Well done Poison. No surprise here.
  9. Congratulations on your win, True Ownage clan of www.runescape.com. :thumbup:
  10. If it was uncapped, then why does it say on the topic that it was a 2 hour cap? Nonetheless, congrats. :thumbup:
  11. Here's the list for the 20v20: Anyways, some unfair matchups there, but you can't expect Jagex to know much about clans that are outside RSB. (Or RSB clans as well, if I'm wrong.)
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