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Monster Hunting & Bossing?

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As per the topic description.

In the way of stats, I have:


Attack: 60/60
Strength: 72/80
Defence: 40/40
Ranged: 75/90
Magic: 83/94
Constitution: 70/80
Prayer: 43/52
Summoning: 48/52

By way of items, I have access to the standard stuff - Fury, Rings, Dagonhai, Barrow's Gloves, Blessed Hides, Ancients and the like. I don't have access to Extremes or Overloads, unfortunately. I'm not planning on monster hunting until those stats are attained, either.

My question is essentially - what bosses can I viably do outside of the Barrow Brothers?

Note - please don't tell me to raise my prayer or defence levels: I'm unwilling to do so (outside of eventually acquiring 95 Prayer).

Cheers. :smile:

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Honestly the best bosss you're looking at is a mass-med sized bandos team. You could try Arma as well, but all good teams require 90+ defense. You can't TD of course because of the defense req of the quest, you can't corp either because you need to use a spear which is strictly controlled and defensive.

Maybe Sara gwd could work too if you go with some friends since it's empty enough (last I was there). But Bandos is too packed to expect to solo and Zammy isn't really worth it at all.

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I'm not sure if anyone really thinks of it these days but mole is relatively easy and can be decent profit from nests depending on your luck with seeds.


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I'm not sure if anyone really thinks of it these days but mole is relatively easy and can be decent profit from nests depending on your luck with seeds.

It's not really worth the time to be honest. Solo, finding the Mole and then taking down some health only to find it burrow away and finding it again takes so much longer than it should, and really makes it not as profitable as it could be. :|

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