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Tip.It Times - 29th January 2012


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Time for a new release of the: >>>Tip.It Times!<<<



This thread is for discussing and debating the week's articles. If you would like to comment on the overall structure or direction of the Editorial Panel, please use the discussion topic in the Website Discussion forum.


I'd like to remind people of the rules pertaining to Times threads:


[hide=Read these rules before posting in this thread]

Rampant flame wars have taken control of virtually every week's times discussion topics. The following guidelines must be followed when posting on this topic. Posts that ignore these guidelines will be removed.


1. You are invited and welcome to express like or dislike on articles and a particular author's writing style. It is not acceptable, however, to flame or personally insult an author. Posts that aren't anything but an attack will be removed from the topic.


2. Spelling and grammar errors can be reported to tripsis by PMing her and they will be fixed promptly. It is not necessary to post them on the discussion topic.


3. Off topic posts that do not discuss the content of that week's articles will be removed. This is not the place to discuss the direction of the times, how much you love or hate the times, etc. Off topic posts will be removed.


By keeping within these guidelines, Times discussion topics will mean more for the Panel and Administration than just a place for flame wars. Flame wars do not provide any useful feedback to the Times, which is mainly what we're aiming for with these topics: feedback.


This policy is effective as of now, November 17, 2010. Any posts prior to the creation of this policy may or may not be removed according to the new guidelines.



When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks!


If you spot any typos or mistakes in the article then please PM them to @Tecmaster :)


Enjoy the articles!

Owner of the Quest Point Cape

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alg is a genius 1st of all. The adventurers cape idea would be a great addition. If it was like a quest cape with a trim, it would also solve the trimming qc suggestion.


2nd, jack of all trades just got a lot easier (not that it wasn't already) for some people.

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I'm not really sure Alg's way is the best way to do JoT. First of all, while it says you don't need any items except your toolbelt and your weapon, you'll be sorry if you forget your teleport runes. Second, I believe this way might be faster: (1) Teleport to Varrock (2) Cut two logs (3) Fletch one (4) Light the other (5) Pickpocket a guard (9) Attack a guard with controlled style (10) Bury it's bones.


Someone could test it and see, but that's the way I've figured out to do it.

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Only two articles, but both were enjoyable. Alg has rather interesting ideas even though the DYK this week is a rather inefficient way to do JOT compared to the Varrock method. Hope there is more next week. :P

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