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  1. I've been having a lot of really bad lag, but it seems to have gone away.
  2. The transportation icon for the lever in the deserted keep in the wilderness isn't glowing, can't be hovered over, and doesn't link to anything. That's only on the wilderness map.
  3. On the SOF claim screen there has been text for several weeks aluding to that fact that you may randomly be offered a free spin in exchange for watched a video advertisement. However I've never gotten the offer myself.
  4. A quick fix for this is to log out completely and then log back in. Works most of the time.
  5. Can images from the RuneScape Wikia be unblocked?
  6. Could the "Like This" button eventually be moved down near multiquote or up next to the post number? Also a color change would be nice. It's just very bright and noticable on the TIF theme.
  7. It's possible that the counter is programmed to increase at an average number of accounts created per hour/day and then adjusted when it gets too off track. I don't ever give much clout to counters that appear to increase in real time.
  8. Tip.it also has an Advanced Summoning Calc to tell you what to make with what charms you have. Take note that it's still in beta, so beware of bugs.
  9. Got paired with a level 124 with ss/turm. Well that was fun for about 2 minutes.
  10. I agree that Castle Wars just isn't as fun. It was really designed with older game mechanics in mind.
  11. Only games won after Hybrid armours were released count for the chance at earning them. So unfortunately it looks like you'll be starting again at zero.
  12. Alright sounds good. Is there an unofficial world for that kind of thing and a fc for it? Also why not soul wraiths instead of blood? Just curious. The unofficial world is 39 and the fc is "runespan".
  13. RuneScape is actually a good candidate for that because the RuneScape world is also divided into squares, but it would be a lot of work.
  14. If you got 1 rare lamp and 9 rare wins overall, what were the other rare rewards?
  15. The fansite RS B&B also has a house "designer" but it's even less enjoyable to use than the one on RuneHq. I think this suggestion falls under the category of we've needed this for ages and it just hasn't been gotten around to but finally might now that the new site is almost done.
  16. It's possible that at one time you could start your display name with a dash/hyphen, but Jagex has since decided to disallow it. Same thing happened with Tumblr where you could make your url -anythingyouwant.tumblr.com, but it caused so many problems with browser url recognition they no longer allow it, but didn't require existing accounts to change their url if they already had a starting dash.
  17. You're right, it does. But I'm at a higher defense and attack level than 90, so losing a little bit of those statuses isn't a big issue. Just a quick tip, you can use a dose of a super cheap [item=1633] afters using the Dragon battleaxe special to return your attack and defense back to normal. They literally cost like 62 gp and are a very low level potion if you want to make them yourself.
  18. Lol, thought about making a pure recently, never mind that. But yay automatic access!
  19. High alching is almost never profitable unless you catch an item at its lowest point, but by the time you find an item the dozens of other people also looking for high alch profit have probably already bought it out. The smallest loss consistently is probably [item=2903], but there is a buy limit of 100 every 4 hours.
  20. Did you happen to keep track of how many spins that took?
  21. This is a really good explanation, especially for people in H&A who are just taking peoples recommendations at face value and not whether it's worth it to them, especially the part about how boring/click intensive the most effective methods often are.
  22. For me it was sort of like expecting One Piercing Note and getting The Blood Pact. Little explanation, few important plot details, little hope for a sequel, tactless use of a signature hero.
  23. Or if people at the GE aren't cooperating you can go to w117 Daemonheim and look for someone actively advertising a farming assist. They're really looking for people with effigies, but usually they don't mind helping with a staff recharge.
  24. There is a friends chat 'w100 bonfire' which I've been using. It's currently at Shantay pass, and plenty of people there consistently the last few days. From the Bonfires thread in general discussion, not that you could find discussion about bonfires in it with all the off topic arguments going on in there. Last time I went to Shantey pass on w100 there were about 150 people all on the same magic bonfire and it's right next to the one click bank chest so you don't even have to move.
  25. It's some kind of math error with the initial zero. Interestingly enough numbers can only be added to the box in FireFox 13, not deleted, so I can't make it work correctly in FireFox. Tested in Chrome, you get the same error with the zero in the front, but you can delete numbers like a normal text box.
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