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Dungeoneering help

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Right now I am level 42 dungeoneering and I really want to make some progress towards a chaotic but I'm not really sure what's the best way to do it. All my dg xp is pretty much from the first few days it was out and a friend and i just played. I dont really understand all the terms like rush floors x-y or when to prestige. Could somebody please try their best to explain these things to me? Also I really dont want to deal with finding a team i'd prefer to solo. Thanks in advance guys!


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Rush floors 1-11 on small, complexity 1. (completing it as soon as possible and just killing the boss)

Floors 12-21 you can do med, complexity 6, solo. (Only kill guardian door monsters)


You reset your prestige when all the floors you can possibly do have checkmarks beside them. You could always do med floors with friends, or get 4 more for large dungeons, although I recommend floors 30+ for larges.


Here's a dungeoneering guide explaining the various bosses, puzzles, rewards, etc.


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