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  1. I've been looking for a clan to join but could you post some more details and stuff?
  2. I just don't think void fits with the a level scale really cause more bonus is a little much and more def would make all others pointless
  3. Would new tiers of void have higher def and lp? Or better bonuses? I know better bonuses would be overkill but it wouldn't make sense to me for any level of void to have high def. The Void Knights don't tank the pests they kill them as fast as they can.
  4. I've already done the quest but something like Karil's and use ruby bolts (e)? Which abilities? Rejuvenate mainly?
  5. Well that's a disappointment...I only wanted it because I cant afford Arma xbow haha I really need to upgrade my range power,the rune xbow doesnt cut it anymore. I can afford the royal xbow but I dont think i can get to the 4th phase of Qbd. Any suggestions on that?? If i need to range it I'm sure i can get someone to lend me an arma xbow and if i need to mage it I already have Gano. I'm pretty close to getting a chaotic if I need one and my stats should be in my sig. Edit: I have about 7 summoning levels banked in charms and could get a tort if i need it.
  6. Kinda off topic but how many hours with barrows before its more expensive than Bandos? I would guess its a long time
  7. I've been trying to buy one on the Ge but haven't had any luck. I've put in offers up to 900k. Does anyone know what or where I can buy one at? I'm talking about the main hand crossbow just to be clear
  8. Thanks! I wasn't really sure if it would be worth it at my levels but are there any quests I should do for slayer? I've already done Smoking Kills and the first thing I get is gonna be the ability to craft slayer helms
  9. Is there any reason for this? Better profit? Xp? Drops?
  10. Lol the nickname made me laugh but I guess I'll stick with Sumona then. Thanks guys!
  11. All of my stats should be in my sig but I've been using Sumona and now im wondering if I should/could use Duradel or would his tasks be a little too tough for me right now?
  12. Well I guess since I already have Gano I'll use it but I appreciate the help!
  13. I had the same problem yesterday when I messed with some settings on my Macbook Pro and I'm still not sure how i managed to get it into safe mode. Probably took me 20 tries
  14. Hi everyone! I just got back into Scape when the Eoc came out and I made my goal getting a Chaotic, now I'm approaching that goal (76 DG) but I would like to do some slayer to break up all the DG and I had some questions. For melee tasks I'm planning on getting a CMaul for crush, I have a whip for slash and I'm trying to buy a Zammy spear on G.E. for stab. For armor i have Barrows equipment. For range I'm kind of lost since the rune xbow is kind of useless, I might get a crystal bow if thats a good option and armor wise I just have Royal d'hide. Mage is my big question because i bought Gano but now I'm worried that might be overkill for slayer and I think the SoL would be my best option for mage offense. I also have Void with the melee and range helms but id be willing to get the hood if its worth it. My levels are 56 slayer 74 Attack (I'm like 40k of 75) 70 str 75 def 70 pray 80 range and 60 pray. I do plan on doing smoking kills before anything else though Thanks in advance!!
  15. Perhaps they could make a second clue more rare of a drop if you already have one then more rare the more clues you get
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