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The future of my account

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So, I started playing again in June, somehow got into the beta, and all these new things have left me kind of lost regarding my pure account, Overbowed. When I created this account it was just supposed to be a 60 range d bower, then a 70 range staker, then 80 range edge pker, then 90 range, and finally I reached 99 this summer after quite a few years. For the most part I've had my fun with being a pure (or three def tank ftw), It's just not something I find intresting or skillful anymore (with p necks, teletabs, being two shotted by d claws, and no honor pking becoming the norm now). So I think I'm ready to move on with my prized account and get some def. Here are my stats:

Combat: 77 (+7) P2P

Posted Image

The fact of the matter is, low level pking is not profitable enough, and the def would unlock so much more content in the game. I could do more bossing,questing, etc. Now, my favourite style of pking is preying in medium wild on dragon trainers (actual ones, not bots) reminiscent of elvemage/bloodhoun3. In deeper wild pking, I could attack more of the trainers, and the def would definitely help with the 90+ combat accounts I fight anyways.

Now heres what I'm considering:

40 def:

This would bring me up to lv 86, but might not get me enough combat levels as many dragon trainers are 100-110 ish. I would be a tank, but still low def and limited.

70 def:

This would bring me up to lv 94 (just like Bloodhoun3 :wink: ). This account would be a range tank but also my main (already spend the most time on it). Most trainers would sit in my range. I would have many gear choices and most of the content and the game would be avialable. At this point I'm leaning in this direction.

And then of course I would get the regular things ( handcannon, veng) over time.

THE BIGGEST CONCERN for me is the EoC. It's so hard to tell what is actually good/bad because its so distorted with the most expensive items and the uncertainty of changes Jagex may implement. I've ruled out 99 def... I don't want to face maxed players, but how are other range tanks fairing at 40 and 70 def? Is the range tank a totally dead concept? I'm also worried that after the EoC all the pures will get def and pures will be rare... making me regret not being a pure anymore.

In summary, I want your opinions on whether or not getting def is the right way for me to go, and if I'll be screwing myself over by getting it later on.

Thanks, and sorry for the long read,
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You shouldn't make any decisions right now. Wait for the EoC to be added to live game, for post-release kinks to be fixed, and for meta-gamers to have time to test what's good and what's not so good. I think in a few months people will be in measure of giving you definitive advice.

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Do you enjoy being a pure?

Yes - Stay pure, and fight other pures as normal and the odd main who lacks defence.
No - Max out. 40 is nothing in EoC since Rune is 50. And your LP will suffer without rune.

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