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  1. They're quite frustrating to play without an Iron Titan so you'll need to hurry up! Good luck!
  2. Do you enjoy being a pure? Yes - Stay pure, and fight other pures as normal and the odd main who lacks defence. No - Max out. 40 is nothing in EoC since Rune is 50. And your LP will suffer without rune.
  3. Ok. So, are there methods that could net me more money than slayer? His statement is false to some extent, lower level Slayer isn't very profitable. Higher level Slayer is, therefore although you won't make much at first you will towards the end, especially if you do all your level 3/hard clues. I'd say go with Slayer.
  4. F2P skill? I'd probably get mining or woodcutting done whilst you're out there, they're the most heavily F2P botted I'd say. Get crafting done in the last few days with any money you make. Since you can only make up to hard leather in F2P.
  5. Generally Virtus is worth it from personal experience. The whole set, there are other benefits you recieve that aren't just damage based, think about all the extra LP + boost from Unicorn healing or extra HP from brewing.
  6. I used to get way more rune than that in F2P! Some serious bad luck there thank god for the Vecna Skull. Not a bad amount of crims too.
  7. Nice one mate, 920~ took me about a week and a half on a lvl3 but I was the opposite of you, playing full time. So you've done well considering we have people who have been playing 3~ years in my clan who have barely gotten above 1400.
  8. Fail to see the point in a BETA bank picture since it requires nothing whatsoever apart from a Member's Account, but power to you!
  9. MVP

    Tip.It Integration

    Great to be with you, tip.it!
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