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  1. This task took me about 4 hours lol, and you can just make an altar to use the bones on
  2. Grats on 99 fishing!#$ and it was pretty neat seeing some loots from wishing well fruits as I've never done them even on my main
  3. Rennn DIY: +4,511,301 xp +98 lvls Oops forgot to post on here for a lil bit after bxpw, but during it I managed to get 60 construction, 90 runecrafting, 40 herblore. With 90 Runecrafting I can start ports early, so I can hopefully have some ports gear before I can even use it! Bought a Runic staff while training magic to get to high alchs to get more money for construction Finally got a pair of these after like 6 pairs of boots though I still need skeletal, and spined boots. This will be pretty useful later This might be useful later when my range is higher than 20 lol [hide=gainz] just cooked all the raw food I had in my bank and ended up at the Heroes' lvl req Just got 54 to use wizard mind bombs to alch [/hide] Taltin YC: +41,787k xp I used over 10k crimsons, 2k golds 2k greens, and 500 blues during bxpw as well as gaining over 10m magic xp at glacors, aboutt 1m slayer, and whatever I could find that was fast xp. I was in a xp competition in my clan with first prize being 15m, and I won. I accidently fell asleep for a while during just as my desk though haha. I think I made and spent over 100m on the weekend all to win a contest for 15m lol woops :P think I got 2 or 3 effigies too can't remember lol Got 2 pairs of ragefires, and I finished an armadyl battestaff. Finally finished my leviathan ring will probably only use it at rise of the six though Right before bxpw I needed more money to spend on herblore supplies, and I got this :D First pair of Ragefires Second pair of Ragefires Finished my Armadyl Battlestaff [hide=dem gainz] 20m summoning 20m herblore also I was trying to distract dave since he had the second most amount of xp in the competition so far lmfao 20m cooking 40m Strength 50m Magic [/hide] RSC: Have just trained a few stats towards legends, and I beat Kolodion to get my Zamorak cape, and staff. A friend of mine is thieving bloods from the blood chest so we can unlock the spells too. I chose Zamorak because people told me that claws of guthix is glitched and doesn't give xp after the first cast, and because it's cheaper than Saradomin strike to cast. [hide=more gains] [/hide]
  4. Thanks, Maybe I should rename this blog since I'm practically using just this one for three different accounts lol My slayer tab sold for 170m+35m in stuff I'm keeping.
  5. Rennn DIY: +423,735 xp +14 levels I've just cut 5500 oak logs to make planks to use on bonus xp weekend for 69 construction to boost for a gilded altar. Got 60 woodcutting from that, and 77 runecrafting after I finished that. I have about 600k out of the 1337k or so I need to turn the logs into planks. [hide=100k from large lamp on treasure hunter] [/hide] Taltin YC: Classic: Heroes' Quest Complete! RS3: Went to Armadyl with a friend that just got back to try and get him the world event abilities, and I got 40m magic 40m defence, armadyl boots, and an effigy. Also, gained about 400k slayer doing two abyssal demon tasks no wand or orb, but i got a couple crystal triskelion fragments. [hide= Armadyl Boots, and 40m Skills] [/hide] [hide=Other Drops] [/hide]
  6. Yeah, I've already got the dragon armour pack on solomon's store, but I think you mean the old school version of it. It'd be weird seeing people running around with 2d helms :PYou know I meant a 3d rendering of it :P. lols Wouldn't a 3d rendering of it just be the same as the one on old school though? They definitely should add that as well as the old d square shield to the pack mostly so I don't have to buy a DFS override :p
  7. Yeah, I've already got the dragon armour pack on solomon's store, but I think you mean the old school version of it. It'd be weird seeing people running around with 2d helms :p
  8. +22 lvls +1028k xp I've only afked runespan, and a little bit of woodcutting on this account while playing classic. [hide=Level Ups] [/hide] Taltin YC: On Classic I got 50 mining, 40 ranged, 60 attack, strength, defence, and magic. I finished organizing my bank! it's missing a few things and isn't completely sorted on the first tab, but I'll move all my herblaw stuff to the last page once I get a bit higher herblaw. Gathering chocolate bars to make chocolate cakes for training with and cooking at the same time at the moment to get 52 for heroes. I'll do Heroes then underground pass just to have a dragon axe instead of long while doing it. Organized Bank! 60 in all combat stats that matter Free Stuff! RS3: Pretty much only been doing ports on the live game with my main, but I suceeded the mission for the special crew in the loop region first attempt at 51%, and then I actually got one on the 2nd crew reroll.
  9. You should be able to easily solo tribrid though recently they just sped up the spawn time a lot which makes it a bit more difficult. I'd recommend getting some war priest just go to god wars dungeon and kill the kill count monsters from any faction. However, Zamorak is easiest with the imps. Then just use the top and bottom and bring your highest lvl weapons from each style. I'd buy some Glaiven or Ragefire boots and a fury if you don't have those. For helm obviously slayer, and if you can upgrade it to a higher level in the slayer rewards definitely do that. You didn't say your herblore level, but I usually just use 4-6 overload and prayer renewal flasks per trip. For food I take a 3 to 1 tuna potato to prayer flask ratio. Don't forget a couple antipoisons++ and a super restore for summoning points to use your spare pouches. When you go in just kill supreme as fast you can with devotion up praying mage. Then run to the east to kill rex you can safespot him, but it's not really needed with all the stun abilities in eoc. After that kill prime from the north east corner so supreme doesn't see you when he spawn, and repeat killing supreme as fast as you can or it's possible to walk him to the south west so the other kings won't see you. A vampyrism scrimshaw and aura might help since you don't have soulsplit. Forgot to mention earlier that balmung is about equal to chaotics and could save you an inventory space if you only have dual.
  10. Welcome to Tip It! and thanks for reminding me to check ports :p
  11. For item hunts in dungeoneering I always just do 5 man c6 smalls. Also, I wouldn't mind doing some hard modes for the hunts as I still need them done for the trim req.
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