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  1. A while back I was either on the Runescape Twitch channel or their Youtube channel and one of the lengthy videos was a Q and A from 2012 where MMG assured people that: a) MTX would be minimally about in-game advantage, mostly cosmetic stuff. b) Where it would be about in-game advantage it would never rival or supplant traditional in-game training and the integrity of the game and achievements would be preserved. c) Any in-game advantage it offered would also be available through some in-game method. He said all of that with a straight face. Fast forward to 2014 and all I can say is what a joke. I am sure Jagex would probably have a good laugh too if someone had them view that stream again. Youtube Video that has since been made Private, or at least Unlisted after a HLF'er posted it and asked Mod Infinity what was up with the video straight up lying to the player base.
  2. I saw this coming... So basically subing super antifire for antipoison++. I'm also betting Araxxor will reside under Darkmeyer. Those steep cliffs would be the perfect place to put a cave for the spider. Teleporting would be a bit far though since you should only have ectophial I think... Drakan's Medallion
  3. I don't consider 200m's endgame - because there are many things you might not have done by then. It would be silly to say someone with 200m all skills but hasn't beat all the quests has "beat Runescape".
  4. I don't think it classes as best site of all time just because it's your most visited site.. I would assume 80% of the world has facebook or twitter as their most visited site but they're both shitGrats Drum Just so you know, when kr148 said "best site of all time" it was more more of a personal hyperbole/overstatement and that he didn't mean it literally.
  5. Well the first thing to do is to contact Jagex who has the authority to authenticate you and give the account back. Not a fan site with no authority to get your account back and can't really do anything to help other than to tell you to contact Jagex. The Jagex support@ email is discontinued. So try to contact them on Twitter - the support team there tends to get back within 2-4 hours (when they're working, so don't expect weekend replies and such)
  6. I'm honestly surprised they've managed to not run the company straight into the ground, full throttle ahead. I'm torn between whether that's because most of the player base is addicted or if Jagex has a hint of intelligence somewhere in the company. They don't seem to have any actual game designers. Very little thought is actually put into how certain things will play out (see: all the minigame failures recently where one side is completely unfun to play or is completely unbalanced) That's a tell-tale sign of having no game design. It's just "oh that sounds fun! Let's throw it in!" - only to later find out it isn't fun at all because the lack of game design makes the game pretty much unplayable, even if you weren't trying to boost it. The updates time and time again seem to not care about the longetivity of the game - and hopes to ride off Runescape's terrible PvM system by rushing people into end-game so they can do endgame PvM. They gave a huge middle finger to their veteran players and only give just enough shits about us to get us to shut up and keep playing (see: Elf City being max/comp centric) Regardless of all of this - I don't see Jagex/Runescape dying anytime soon. I still play the game (I find the bits and pieces I can actually enjoy and just stick to those). But I think Jagex is one of the most idiotic "succesful" companies and I'm genuinely impressed they haven't somehow [bleep]ed it all up. If most any other company made the mistakes on the same level as Jagex, they'd be out of business within 6 months.
  7. This is like my 3rd purple in 2 weeks. Are they more common now?
  8. ew. why? I really wanted a farm cape and I was getting 99 with a friend who was also at vinesweeper most of the time. I also like playing Minesweeper. So I found it fun. Playing a game for fun. What a weirdo.
  9. Nearly every video on Youtube will tell you "40k xp/hr" (most actually result in 36-38k xp/hr and are just rounded up, although 40k xp/hr is possible it usually isn't the average) I did nothing but Vinesweeper between herb/farm runs for 40 to 99 Farming. Even when you recognize all the patterns there isn't much you can do to speed up digging holes and placing flags. If you have bonus XP - AFK'ing cure plant is 66k~ xp/hr. Meanwhile Vinesweeper requires 100% attention, cannot make mistakes, and caps at around 45k xp/hr but averages closer to 36-40k xp/hr
  10. Livid Farm is 33k XP/Hr + Bonus XP applies, meaning 66k Xp/Hr with a small about of bonus XP. Vinesweeper (solo) is 35-37k XP/hr on average (my highest in one hour was 42k, but that was a bit of luck) If you know a way of doing 66k xp/hr solo at Vinesweeper consistently - teach me. Better yet - make an instructional video for your method.
  11. Not if you're good at Vinesweeper. However it's only like 1-2k XP/hr slower with a fraction of the effort.
  12. Yay. No more swapping between them and mud staff. Glad my suggestion got through. Just what we need! More XP!
  13. Just have to know how to update really... unfortunately it seems updating is largely neglected.
  14. Penetration testing is also quite interesting. Most businesses don't bother updating their servers, even if they are far out of date with security flaws everywhere - which means people can easily gain access. Businesses don't tend to take security as seriously as people think they do, until after a severe breach has occurred. You can read quite a few articles about pen testers who gain administrative access in under a few hours - sometimes mere minutes through unpatched exploits and social engineering of an adminstrative person through their private Facebook and other venues. Reverse Engineering is mostly done to patch software (by disabling certain checks) and understanding Malware design by RE'ing it in a virtual machine. If you are interested in RE you can learn some basics through Lena's tutorials here. I've had to patch a software before because although I had purchased the program - I had reinstalled Windows and the original programmer had passed away, so I was unable to ask for another key - I still had the program, but it required a new key due to being installed on a "new system". I had to patch it to not check for the key so that I could continue using it. It's a useful skill to have, although usually not worth the effort if you don't plan to have it as a career. I also don't support patching software to avoid paying for it. :P SQL injections and other server exploits are largely automated now. I won't give the name of the program - but there are several programs out there that automatically try to do SQL injection. So a person doesn't even need to be knowledgable to do injection anymore.
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