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  1. Zezima would never have made an IRL vid ^_^
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=znQrSJxqLms The question is, which RS is the giant douche, and which is the turd sandwich?
  3. Dragon Chain, Dragon legs, Rune boots, Barrows gloves, Abyssal Whip, Rune Defender, Fire Cape - BLISS :P
  4. I haven't, I'll find the number now and call them tomorrow - thanks. :)
  5. Hi, This might seem a little dis-jointed as my situation is hard to explain. I'm looking for advice (UK preferred) from anybody who has their own business or knowledge of my situation. I'm the director of my own Web Design company, it's a Private Limited company. This company is inactive, the company account was opened several months ago, but as I am still studying, I haven't produced any Websites for clients. When I opened the account, I was told I had to deposit £200 into the account. I deposited £200, then a further £1000 of savings. My current account, with a different bank is what I use for everything personal, I lost my card and had to wait ~2 weeks for another. During this time I used my savings from the business account, at cash points, supermarkets and online via Amazon etc. In ~4 months I had to declare any business transactions to HM Revenue & Customs, a process which I am not at all familiar with, but will be getting help from family. (I haven't asked for advice about this from them, since I'm not living at home). Will I have to declare all of my personal transactions too? Will this cost me? (Tax etc). Any advice is deeply appreciated, as I am something of a noob in this area. Perhaps starting this business so early was not a great idea, however it was done as a measure to prevent the acquired company name from being taken and was a back up idea for extra money if I was left unemployed after graduation. ~Myles
  6. Woo! Grats on ninja posting Lioness :P Interesting update to say the least, Slayer Tower was definitely in much need of an overhaul, not that I use it much - I find most of my tasks are in Kuradel's or some other random place. Not too sure about these contracts and the "cute 20% exp rate" (Raven, 2013). But will have to wait and see!
  7. I don't really know to be honest - I'll check back here in the morning, if your issue still isn't resolved I'll download the source files and take a proper look. My JS skills aren't anything special, but it'll be a refreshing change from PHP for me :P Good luck man, I know how frustrating this can be!
  8. Have you tried running it through Dreamweaver? I code a lot using Programmers Notepad, often missing little things, like not closing tags properly or not putting } in the right place lol. If you open it with DW, it should highlight any potential errors, and if you're using a later version should show a decent enough live preview. I haven't read through it all properly as I have to nip off, but it all looks okay, I can't see any obvious mistakes. Then again, this is Wordpress. I always try to avoid WP where possible. ^_^
  9. Doesn't mean Leik doesn't know what he's talking about - point still stands.
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