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Update - 24-Aug-2012


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This version was intended to consist of the sexy new look, the new functions and features, and other things. However, Jagex changing the way their navigation bar works has forced me to release what I have.

  • Changes

    • The DGConnect hotstring now exists! To use this, type !dgc.(key). Note that the periods are a must.
    • Several tiny bug fixes.
    • Changed the positioning and map locating functions.
    • Right clicking the tray menu will now show a navigation sub-menu where you can select whether your in-game navigation bar is enabled or disabled. Players who play in fixed should ignore this change.
    • DGSweeper will now start up more quickly. It will only retrieve resources if they have changed! This was due to feedback and it causing it to be flagged by a few antiviruses.
    • Norton, Trend Micro, and VBA32 no longer flag DGSweeper as a threat.


  • Projects

    • Recreate the off-map legend.
    • Add French riddles.
    • complete rework.
    • Gatestones and tabbed features.




Of course, this will be live when @MageUK wakes up. Enjoy!

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Yes, I've been waiting for a reply from someone before updating. I have it and a few other issues fixed. For now, just try resizing your RuneScape applet. I believe odd widths or heights is what was causing it to malfunction.


Hopefully the fix will be out soon.


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