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The Millions War

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You thought the Hunger Games was bad? You thought wrong.


It's been a century since the end of the Hunger Games. It's been fifty years since the time of the Unwinding.


In the Hunger Games, 24 "tributes" were sent off to an arena to fight to the death, until one tribute remained, the lone victor. Thanks to Katniss and Peeta, the Hunger Games came to an end and peace ensued for awhile.


Then came World War 3. Lasting 10 years, the war consumed many casualties from ever country. Peace formed after what's left of the United Nations came to another agreement:


Children who nobody wants, nobody cared for, the children who nobody wanted to deal with, they were unwound. Being unwound, they were not really dead, but living in a "divided state," living as a part of another person.


Well, that came to an end too. But once again, the world came to the edge of war. Topple over, and World War 4 would begin.


But someone came up with an idea. One that wouldn't cause the world to end in utter chaos.


The Millions War.


50 participants from each country in the world would participate in a battle to the death, until two people remain. These two living participants would shake hands, calling a truce and ending the so called War.


Eventually, this War became a game to the world, and began occuring ever 4 years.


This year is the 10th Millions War, and your name got picked. You're one of the fifty from your country to come participate in this game.


During your time with all the other participants during training and dinner, you notice a few people who had a symbol on them, a mocking jay in the form of a tattoo or some form of jewelry.


'What does this symbol mean?' You wonder.


Well, we'll just have to wait and see now don't we?



Welcome welcome!


I'm glad to have come up with another game. Really, I'm being serious about being glad with having a new game.


So the goal of this game is to fight eachother or rebel. It's your choice. Make alliances. Stay alive.


[hide= Character Sheet]Character name:

Country: (Um, please pick real countries)

Age: (has to be from 12-20 years old)


Weapon of choice: (NO GUNS. Swords, knives, bows, staves, javlins, ect.)

Bio: (Optional.)[/hide]


What days are available for everyone? I'm aiming towards Fridays, since I'm mostly available those days, unless I make plans for something else. Saturdays I work, and I might go back to working on Sundays. We'll see.


Quick Disclaimer: It's called the Millions War, but not even a million people participate in the games. Mathamatical error on the creator's behalf. But it's a good name.


[hide=Characters][hide=Neferast]Character name: Rolf Heartford

Country: Scotland

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Weapon of choice: Flail[/hide][/hide]

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Alg: 1) it's basically a survival game, but players also have a chance of causing a rebellion. It'll occur via IRC (which I somehow can't access from a computer but I can access it from my ipod)


2) players DO NOT have to have seen/read the Hunger Games. If they wish to read the books or want a basic synopsis of the series, I'll give a basic synopsis. Another book I've referenced is Unwind, which is the first book to a series by Neal Shusterman, which I'll be rereading anyway, so if anyone wants a basic synopsis for that I can have that done as well.

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Character name: Rolf Heartford

Country: Scotland

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Weapon of choice: Flail


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Nere: :thumbup: All set


Quick note: going berserk with killing is welcomed. Just please, no cannibalism.

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