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  1. If I wasn't me, I'd say "I wonder if i can be a mod like the tavern moderator." But I'm me, and that's that. And I've begun to lose interest in the forums. Too much arguing, debates, and such. The gaming is fun when there is a game, but it's not as fun when everyone argues and/or targets to act against a specific player for a choice made in the past. I might as well join Archi and no longer post on this site. I leave it to my friends to contact me when something new is up. 私はゲームでお会いしましょう
  2. Archi [hide= ]I'm a bookworm. I started reading novels at the age of 6. I just avoid speaking to you guys about it (though i have brought up a few titles in the past) thinking no one would bother with modern titles. And since almost every member, presumably, of the tavern is older than me, it'd make more sense to bring up classical works which most likely has been read by someone here.[/hide] Unfortunately, I dislike having to read Shakespearian works. They seem some slow paced, and characters seem to choose the harder path rather than the easiest solutions that don't result in death.
  3. I wish I knew the answer to why reading had a better reputation. My guess is that it's just because one has been around longer. Before the invention of the printing press, books were copied by hand, so (my guess) some people got better handwriting skills from writing books.
  4. I was trying to not spoil that Archi. Also, I finished the Scarlet Pimpernel. I'm debating on starting the Three Musketeers on time or starting early.
  5. The Scarlet Pimpernel is (as far as I have figured out) is an alias for a good guy who saves French people. ALSO, pimpernel is a flower, which has a reddish color. And for comedy's sake, look up The Scarlet Pumpernickel, a Looney Toons short cartoon starring Daffy Duck. ALG, I haven't started The Three Musketeers yet, I'm expecting to start it Thursday, since I'll need tomorrow to finish the Scarlet Pimpernel.
  6. Is it wrong to be so captivated by classical literature? I somehow managed to find The Scarlet Pimpernel (Baroness Orczy) and The Three Musketeers (Alexandre Dumas).
  7. I was glad it was Earth telling me to do stuff and not nef. Let's get this straight now: Helena is not a space janitor. Helena is just a quiet (she did not speak to anyone nor vocally replied to any command the entire time I played) lady that doesn't approve of spilling tea everywhere.
  8. And this is where the most stupid American girl anyone will ever know says "What is a wife-beater? I've never heard of it." But I read the posts, so I know not to ask. And it's no wonder I've never heard of the term, even though I own 3, ironically in my favorite colors as well.
  9. What about that time you tried to bathe a ceasium asteroid? You were the only one Earth ever killed, and I'm sure he could have defended his decision on the spot, at the time. And I can't help but doubt your impartiality, if you'll pardon my prejudice. Please tell me this ceasium astroid bath was before I was brought to Forum.Tip.It......
  10. Mather would be a reasonable choice as captain, since he's less likely to screw everyone over. Again, why is my name on the list for captain voting?
  11. [hide= ] I didn't know Voldemort liked Space.... Lol, Harry Potter reference. [/hide] Still waitin on my answer...
  12. Noooooooooooooooooo! Not Nero! I'm too stupid (aka: no guts) to be a captain. It'd make it too easy for certain smart people to overthrow/kick my butt/kill me and take over. Do not vote me.
  13. Seeing that bothers me... Oh we'll. I'm playing. And I vote Retech as Captain.
  14. May I play or am I forbidden due to previous idiotness?
  15. How you know my family likes a certain song: Song gets requested 5 dozen times. I'm now sick of playing "In the Hall of the Mountain King" It's a catchy ass song though.
  16. Happy Halloween everyone. [hide=Leiana moment]OMGOMGOMG FORZA 4!!!!!!!!! Halo Reach...meh...[/hide]
  17. Wait, space is coming back?! Yes! Yes! YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! (As you can see, I am excited.)
  18. I can express myself without swearing, however stupid arguments over the technicality of the meaning of words such as "retardation" pisses me off, which brings up the swearing tendency I have. You can also blame my parents for teaching me the swears in the first place. And also, I shouldn't be able to be banned for my use of the word "retardation" SINCE I used quotation marks (both times) AND specified no specific persons NOR defined the word any further. If I am banned, then there is a problem with that. And seriously, you had to pull out the trailer for a movie I've seen a dozen times? Pft. That trailer is irrelevant.
  19. ^ that's what I pretty much wanted to say, just full of a lot more words that are a ban guarantee. And I don't have a speech problem. I saved my butt again from being banned. Seriously, is there anything wrong with me saving myself from being banned?
  20. -facepalm- Archi....just stop. Just...Stop. I'm asking nicely. Please stop.
  21. Excuse me, my comment was the NICER version of what I really wanted to say. What I truly wanted to say would surely guarantee me being banned.
  22. Arguing amongst themselves again.... We honestly can't last a month without arguing from Mather and Archi.... Which is kinda disappointing seeing how I used to be as foolish and do nothing but complain about my life but i managed to get over it. Sure I'm childish at times still, but I don't get into uber long and pointless arguments that no one really gives a damn about. Mather, Archi, be civil and stop arguing like children!
  23. I always use the arrow keys...and I'm right handed! When I use the WASD keys I'm probably playing something that requires me to keep my hand hovering over the space bar. It's kinda common here where I live to use the arrow keys, no matter if you're left or right handed, with the right hand. My left handed aunt still uses the arrow keys with her right hand. Small correction of what I said about me using the arrow keys: that's only when I am at school. I don't really have arrow keys on my laptop
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