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Planning to kill nex. Need advice.

Scape Andrew

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Hello, I'm planning to bring some friends together to kill nex a few times for fun, since this is the last chance we have to fight her with the current combat system. Once the combat rework comes out, runescape will be a very different game. So I'm looking for some advice. My stats are in my sig.


Now most people primarily range nex with rigour and a chaotic crossbow. However, recently nex was updated so that she sometimes prays deflect range. Also, I don't have rigour or a chaotic crossbow and my strength is higher than my range. So I'm considering using curses and meleeing the entire smoke, blood and zaros (Except when praying melee) phases with turmoil, claws and chaotic rapier, and only using range with armadyl crossbow on the shadow and ice phases when she's not praying range, and the zaros phase when she's praying melee. Would that strategy work, or am I still better off using armadyl crossbow with eagle eye and steel skin on EVERY phase when she's not praying range?


My other questions:


Which aura is best for nex? I'm thinking of using greater reverence, but I'm also considering vampyrism, penance or greater sharpshooter (If you guys decide that primarily ranging is better).


How many people should I bring with me? I personally prefer smaller teams, but I'm okay with as much as 10 people, which I've heard is still enough to be considered a mass. I'll bring as few as 5 other people with similar stats to mine if you think we'd survive long enough for a kill or two.


This is my best range and melee gear:




Except royal crossbow is now useless at nex so I'll instead bring an armadyl crossbow with diamond and ruby bolts. Also, since evolution of combat is being delayed till November at the earliest, I will probably have time to dungeoneer for an eek and ccb.


Melee switches: Chaotic rapier, fire cape, d boots (If the loss of magic def isn't too big)



Also, while I'm only 2 levels away from a yak, I don't have the charms for it unfortunately.


So what's your advice?

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Why would you bring high melee gear at nex? All she does is magic and the occasional melee attack, you'll get ripped appart

Spectral shield is useless, only used for anti tanking

Do you know if the bleeding effect is deflected by Nex? Because if it's not then the royal crossbow might still be useful


Since you're a first timer I strongly suggest you go on a mass before trying a small team


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Good idea, I'll start by going to a mass, and if I enjoy nexing, I'll kill nex in smaller teams when I get more experience. When you say mass, are you talking about the kind of mass with dozens of people, or would going to an 8-20 person mass be fine? I see the melee armour was a dumb idea. I'm still wondering, would meleeing the phases I mentioned in magic defence gear still work? If so, would that justify using curses instead of prayers? As far as the royal crossbow goes, from what I've heard the bleeding effect is blocked by range pray on tormented demons, so I'd imagine that it'd be deflected by Nex's deflect curse as well.


Edit: Apparently evolution of combat isn't coming out until November at the very earliest, so I will probably have plenty of time to get dungeoneering tokens after all. If I am able to get all 3 of the useful rewards (rigour, ccb, and eek) and train my range more, then I will probably primarily use range and only melee when she's praying range.

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I'm yet to try royal crossbow on the new Nex, so just chaotic crossbow with diamond + ruby, ranged armor, and a melee weapon switch for when she uses deflect ranged.


Get the dungeoneering rewards.

And go to a mass of 12+ people, that idea of that is that your mistakes don't slow down the team as much as they would on a small team


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