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Customisable "Game" filter


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It's something that's bugged me for a little while now. I personally like seeing people's achievements appear in the chatbox, and seeing my friends get GWD drops is nice, everyone loves an extra congratulatory message! However, for me to be able to see these, I have to put up with a million spam-esque messages in my chatbox. For example, I'm currently mining at the Lava Flow Mines, and getting a new message every few seconds, which fills the chat up pretty quickly. Annoying if you're in a low activity friends chat, or slowly chatting away between afking a skill, and makes it really easy to miss more important messages or achievements. Now I know I can turn the Game chat to Filter, but then I miss out on the little things I like to see.


Another thing I've noticed it happening at is during farming runs, as I clean my herbs while I'm doing it, which takes up a large amount of the chatbox with the Game chat set to All. This makes it hard to see the Scroll of Life message when it pops up, and that's one that doesn't appear when the Game chat is filtered.


I'm sure there's plenty more, like when you drink a dose of a potion, "Your Anti-dragon shield and potion completely protect you from the heat of the attack!" among others.


I'd just really like to be able to customize my filter so that I can see the things that I'd like to see, and filter the ones that I don't. You know; like how a filter works?

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I'll support this. Jagex's deciding to manage it centrally for everyone feels like a mistake in the first place. Different people value different things in different ways. Heck, being able to be customized by each and every player is overdue! :huh:


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I agree completely. Why can I see when my urns are a quarter full, but not that I have 2 hours left to get my daily SoF spin?


To add onto this a bit further, why doesn't the filter work in Daemonheim? When I finish a floor I like to use my left over cash and get some free Crafting xp, and I get spammed with "you make some ranged armor" over and over again.



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