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Ebay does PayPal matter that much

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Hey i just setup an Ebay account, for payment i selected debit card over PayPal. Is PayPal much better than debit and if so why if i am trying to sell stuff?


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Paypal is because it allows extra security in that you don't have to type a butt load of details in every time plus paypal allows people to pay in a whole myriad of ways other than just using their card, plus paypal offers a claim system for refunds etc.


Also without paypal it's a pita to get profits out of the ebay system cause you have to do a bunch of faff with bank transfers etc.


Plus most people on ebay use paypal and will flat out ignore sales that don't take it.

Plus most items for sale on ebay only take paypal payments.


Basically trying to ebay without paypal is kinda pointless, the two are pretty much synonymous, especially since they are both owned by the same people so are seamlessly integrated.


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Last time I checked, it was damned near impossible to filter eBay search results to show only non-PayPal sellers. The true merchants will have other means to accept credit / debit cards but Joe Public is stuck with PayPal.


Which is why I do my shopping on Amazon. :P

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