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Full List of New Items?

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    Bear Fur

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I'm curious if there's a list anywhere that displays a comprehensive listing of all the new items that were released with EOC. I can't seem to find anything on tip.it nor RSWiki :S

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    Bear Fur

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New content

New armour types exist to fill gaps in Ranged and Magic armour and to thus balance the Combat triangle. Additionally, there exist new shields and boots for all classes.

New melee equipment

For melee, there are new offhand weapons, such as the offhand chaotic rapier and off-hand dragon scimitar. Some new shields, such as the Bandos warshield, were planned for the Evolution of Combat but were released beforehand into the main game. As the claws were separated into a main-hand and an off-hand weapon, players who had any kind of claws in their banks before the release of the EoC, were automatically rewarded with the offhand counterparts.

New ranged equipment

  • New Ranged armour was created to fill in a low-level tier. Carapace armour can be crafted from Carapace, and it requires 30 Ranged and Defence.
  • Hard leather armour and Studded leather armour were given boots, gloves and shields to fill out the sets.
  • Ranged armour sets from leather to black dragonhide now include dragonhide shields.
  • Longbows have been turned into shieldbows, which in addition to their offensive bonuses also give Defence and lifepoint boosts.

New magic equipment

New Magic armour was released to fill in missing tiers.In addition, all magic armour sets were updated to include one-handed main weapons (wands), off-hand weapons (orbs) and shields (books). Other sets like Virtus and Ganodermic were given boots and gloves.


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    Bear Fur

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There's also some new ranged gear like the dragon crossbow tho, that post leaves out a bit of stuff still but thanks for the link :>

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    The Consultant

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I can make a list of all the items we add to our database from the EoC release to present. Once we have had the time to track down and add everything, it would essentially be the list your looking for. It will take some time to do this though. Right now the crew is putting a massive effort into updating all the items we already have listed.

EDIT: Taking a look at this, a lot of items were added during the beta, so a full list is going to include other stuff, since there is no way for me to filter it down to only the beta items.

EDIT 2: Took a look. It's not complete yet, but this might get you started.

Later on today I might look at writting a program to remove everything but the item names from the list. I figure I'll try to maintain it, and I'd rather not do it myself (also something to do).


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    Bear Fur

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Thanks for the list Randox :D

Is there any way I can help with this project? I don't mind contributing whenever I discover some random new items (or I can just list them in this thread if you'd like :P)

Off-hand adamant crossbow
Off-hand adamant dagger
Off-hand adamant dart
Off-hand adamant knife
Off-hand adamant longsword
Off-hand adamant mace
Off-hand adamant scimitar
Off-hand adamant sword
Off-hand adamant warhammer
Off-hand bronze crossbow
Off-hand bronze dart
Off-hand bronze knife
Off-hand bronze scimitar
Off-hand dragon battleaxe
Off-hand dragon dagger
Off-hand dragon longsword
Off-hand dragon mace
Off-hand dragon scimitar
Off-hand iron battleaxe
Off-hand iron crossbow
Off-hand iron dagger
Off-hand iron dart
Off-hand iron knife
Off-hand iron longsword
Off-hand iron mace
Off-hand iron scimitar
Off-hand iron sword
Off-hand iron warhammer
Off-hand mithril battleaxe
Off-hand mithril crossbow
Off-hand mithril dagger
Off-hand mithril dart
Off-hand mithril knife
Off-hand mithril longsword
Off-hand mithril mace
Off-hand mithril sword
Off-hand mithril warhammer
Off-hand rune battleaxe
Off-hand rune crossbow
Off-hand rune dagger
Off-hand rune knife
Off-hand rune longsword
Off-hand rune mace
Off-hand rune scimitar
Off-hand rune sword
Off-hand rune warhammer
Off-hand steel battleaxe
Off-hand steel crossbow
Off-hand steel dagger
Off-hand steel dart
Off-hand steel knife
Off-hand steel longsword
Off-hand steel mace
Off-hand steel scimitar
Off-hand steel sword
Off-hand steel warhammer
Offhand black claw
Offhand bronze claw
Offhand chaotic longsword
Offhand chaotic rapier
Offhand dragon claw
Offhand iron claw
Offhand leaf-bladed sword
Offhand mithril claw
Offhand mithril scimitar
Offhand rune claw
Offhand rune dart
Offhand steel claw

Grifolic orb
Splitbark orb
Mystic orb
Spider orb

Batwing torso
Batwing feet
Batwing book

Grifolic boots

virtus book
Wizard's book
imphide book
Ahrim's book of magic

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