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PC Questions

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First of all I feel like that Dog Meme... Y'know the one that is all "I have no idea what I'm doing".

Anyways I'm fed up of my laptop, it's 4 years old this year, and whilst it still works decently it can be laggy as hell. Rune is a nightmare to play etc etc.

So I'm planning to beg my parents to let me get a PC/Laptop as a deal for 2 years worth of Birthday presents (this year and next), probably throw a Christmas in there too, and it being a reward for my M.A. if I get a Merit/Distinction. Now... I know nothing. So Octarine has just helped me design something on a website he uses called CCL Online.

The PC we edited was a CCL Elite Hawk III Gaming PC... Specs:

CPU: AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz CPU
Motherboard: Gigabyte (GA-78LMT-USB3 Motherboard Phenom II AMD Athlon II Socket AM3 AMD 760G Micro ATX RAID gigabit ethernet).
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD7770

And so Octarine and I edited it to:

Posted Image

(if the image isn't clear:

CPU: AMD FX-6300 Six Core CPU
Motherboard: Same
Graphics: Gainward GeForce GTX 650 Golden Sample 1GB Graphics Card
HDD: 500GB Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000

And we added in a SanDisk Ultra Plus - 128GB Solid State Drive

EDIT: With the RAM... Idk if that's part of the motherboard or not... I kinda assumed that it was there, but the customization options allows me to select a RAM and then it doesn't come up on the right hand side... So... I don't know what to do or say there and I selected an 8GB one just in case, and so the monetary value has changed but as I said it's not coming up in Customisations.... See:

Posted Image

I was just wondering if this is a good spec PC? Mostly I'd play Rune, but sometimes I would love to be able to play things like League of Legends or games from Steam like Civ5 or the Total Wars I have. Maybe it's overkill the system that's built, but for £600 could you get anything better? I want something that has longevity, and also allows me to play games, and hell even multitask - IE play LoL/Rune with iTunes open and playing music, or play Medieval 2: Total War whilst in a Skype call to friends playing it too.

The other idea is off Drazhar44, since I was going all Techy on this, he was saying about his new PC, how it does all that, and is amazing, plays high spec games no problem. He has the Alienware X51 Desktop: This one I believe: http://www.dell.com/...lienware-x51/pd

Those of you with a Techy mind, which is the better value for money? The PC Oct practically designed for me with Windows 8, SSD etc is £609.94 including the building fee... Or Draz's PC which costs £569 (I think or therebouts) and I get Windows 8 etc with it.

Or if you guys can come up with something fantastic and epic and fast with a good shelf life for ~£600 or less I would love you all forever.

Anyways this makes my brain hurt as I've no idea what I'm doing in reality.

EDIT: Complainy mother when I raised the idea of getting a Desktop... Any idea on laptops with good processors I can get for that kind of price?





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If the computer is going to be yours, why not decide yourself and try to convince her that a desktop is better (which it is)? Anyway that computer would've been overkill for all of the things you mentionned, but would have been good for a good 5-7 years if you don't change habits.

I'm not sure what websites you have over there for laptops, but I'd say to check with Asus or Lenovo laptops, they're quite good quality.

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Alienware isn't worth it - also, building yourself is much cheaper.

I was in the same situation, and a desktop has a much better performance/cost ratio than a laptop. It would be stupid not to get a desktop as you can still use your old laptop for laptop situations.

If you are going to play RS on it then an Intel/Nvidia combination may be favourable as that is what they use at Jagex although the effect should be small.

SSDs are much faster than HHDs, resulting in a much shorter start-up time, so they're neat to have.

8 gb ram for sure.

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