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God Emissaries page - Add skill req's

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I started a relatively new character, and started doing the God Emissaries. I would definitely recommend adding a column for required skills. I know it mentions up top that if you don't have the requirements, you'll just get reduced xp (which seems to only be the case for the exploration set). It would be nice to know what levels you need to get the max xp (for instance, the second job requires at least 20 agility to receive the full 2k xp. I was only level 4 and got 500xp). As well as the second combat job, it won't let you start unless you have 25 mage, ranged, or attack. So maybe get the requirements for each of the jobs to start (as far as the combat and skilling sets goes), and the required agility level to receive max xp on the exploration sets. 


Combat based: 1st task (unkown if any), 2nd task - Level 25 in Attack, Magic, or Ranged, 3rd Task - Level 30 in Attack, Magic, or Ranged, 4th task - Level 40 in Attack, Magic, or Ranged, 5th task - Level 50 in Attack, Magic, or Ranged, 6th task (unknown)

Skill based: 1st task (unknown, if any), 2nd task - Level 30 in Woodcutting, Mining, or Fishing, 3rd task - Level 40 in Firemaking or Crafting, 4th task - Level 50 in Thieving or Hunter, 5th task - (unknown, assume Level 60 in selected stats?)

Exploration: 1st task (unknown), 2nd task (20 agility to receive full xp), 3rd task (25 agility to receive full xp), 4th task (30 agility to receive full xp)


ALSO NOTE: In the Skill based section, in the 2nd task, it says you'll receive Woodcutting, Fishing or SMITHING xp. You should receive Mining xp from that one.

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