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Automation Tracer Additional Drops

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Hello and welcome Slayers.


After getting the Tracking Gloves from the Automation Generators and the Sratic Gloves from the Automation Guardians.

I decided to go for the Pneumatic Gloves from the Automation Tracers, after killing like about a thousand of them, no luck. Oh well.


However, here are the additional drops from the Automation Tracers not listed:


Charms - Gold, Green, Crimson and Blue

Spirit Sapphire

Spirit Emerald

Spirit Ruby

Uncut Diamond

Uncut Dragonstone

Loop Half of Key

(40) Anagogic Orts

(5) Rune Javelins (which I thought was strange as a drop)

Gp - Not dropped very often, however I got  313 gp and 353 gp


If it's Alive --- Slay It

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I think orts are dropped by pretty much anything, right?  As long as you're not on the daily limit.

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Players can obtain spirit gems from any monsters who drops a single summoning charm. - http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Spirit_gems


If a monster drops an item from the "rare drop table", and the player belongs to a clan, there will also be Anagogic orts dropped alongside it. - http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Rare_drop_table


So really, it just comes down to not mentioning charms.

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Will the extra drops be added to the Automation Tracers?

Thank You for your time.

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