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Player Owned Ports help

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Hi, I'm currently at the place after the Hook and I am running low on Bamboo/Gunpowder (especially Bamboo). How can I get more of it besides doing lowest tier voyages? 


Also, is it possible for me to get 10k or 35k chime captains yet? Again, I'm at The Hook. 

Any additional advice is also welcomed.

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On the Captains the answer is no.

10k appear in the 1 before last region.

35k in the last.


As for resources the only way to reliably get them is to set your focus to that particular region and do the lower tier voyages that pay them out.

The good news is they are faster, tend to have better payouts that get insane with higher tier merchants and are lower reqs so you can 100% them.


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10k captains should start appearing in the Hook already, unless it was changed with Ports 2?


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10k starts appearing in the Hook, but they're rare beyond belief. You will find them more often at regions 6-7.


Get 2.5k captains asap during the earlygame.




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