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This is how I deal with PKers at Lava Strykewyrms

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Lava Strykewyrms are a popular spot for PKers because many Slayers are not prepared to fight off attackers. Anti-Random PKing means only PKing skulled players, a skull being proof that they actively attack others and are there for PvP. Anti-Random PKing philosophy states that you shouldn't kill someone who isn't there to fight players, and should attack those who engage in Player Killing. I hope this isn't a spoiler, but I smited out the guy for his AGS - that's a decent(-ish) loss and I hope I won't see him at Strykewyrms any time soon.


Have you exacted revenge on any PKers hunting Slayers?

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Haha that looks like fun, good job turning the tables man :P.

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Nice work, I like it. :D

More old-school than you know...


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