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  1. I'm back...Again..

  2. Stealing from elves and gaining agil xp!
  3. It's been awhile since I posted here, but since ports updated a bit ago, here's my update on how I'm doing. :D
  4. hello and welcome, i see another old school gamer, i'm sure we'd had a lot to talk about! lol, feel free to add me.
  5. Very cool vid! Good luck to you! :D
  6. Hello, hello and welcome! Feel free to add me in game!
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums! Feel free to add me in game. :)
  8. ascension cave is a good spot, glads and rors have a okay drop rate of blue and crimson..not amazing, but it's not too bad of a rate especially if you hang around just for keys.
  9. Hello hello and welcome! Feel free to add me in game if you have any questions and just want to say hello!
  10. Very nice, congrats!! Hope you enjoy all the awesome xp in Prif!
  11. Not all coordinate clues will have a wizard attack, so it's helpful to whoever is doing the clue to have that knowledge.
  12. Hello hello and welcome back! Feel free to add me in game if you have any questions, I'll do my best to help ya out. :D
  13. If you had member skills leveled up and are now f2p, if you return to p2p your skills will return to their normal level that you last had them at. It takes awhile, so just drink a restore potion so there is no waiting. Hope this answers your questions, good on ya mate!
  14. Well that's no good, hope you get your account back. In the meantime if you have any questions, feel free to add me and I'll assist you as best as I can.
  15. Hello and welcome! Feel free to ask any questions or add me in game. Welcome again!
  16. Hello and welcome! Feel free to add me in game if you have any questions. :D Good on to ya mate!
  17. No it's not, the lodestone is. This should really be a "to each his/her own" I use both, sometimes I just prefer using runes or ships before tablets and lodestones came into the game.
  18. Currently, I don't believe you can transfer classic items to rs3 or vice versa. I do remember owning a white one myself, and currently still do. :)
  19. Almost all guilds are dead, I hope to see a rework of all guilds to make better use of them for members. So you are correct, majority of guilds are useless right now.
  20. It also helps to note, that even if you fail to catch the animal, with protean traps you still gain xp from the trap, not as much as if you had caught the animal..But it is still some xp and no need to worry about picking up anything from each catch.
  21. If you get the crystal bow, it can be upgraded to the attuned crystal bow and that has the same stats of the zaryte bow, with the exception of the prayer bonus.
  22. Very well worth completing that quest line. Benefits are huge, not only in rewards from the quest, but the extremely good xp rates at Prifddinas city.
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