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Not exactly if this is considered an ad or not but every once in a while I get a news video clip playing on this site and I cant get rid of it.  It is completely distracting and automatically has the audio turned up and occasionally its some news event that if over heard by someone else could be rather embarrassing if they don't know what is going on.  Please remove this obnoxious news video thing from your site, if I want news I'll gladly go to my trusted news website thank you very much!

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It's called an advert - there is a link next to ads to report intrusive/annoying ones to the site admins so they can block them from appearing.


But without any substantial details they can't do jack.

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Adding to what Sy just said, you should probably pick up a copy of AdBlock Plus to go with your browser.  Even if you don't configure it with any filters because you wanted to allow some advertising through, it can still enable you to pick out the exact address and related objects of the offending advert that you wish to report. :geek:


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