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[September 2015] Gains over Bonus XP Weekend

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I received a request to make a thread on this, so here you are :).


Did you gain any levels, 99s, camp out at a boss while everyone was busy skilling, or simply pile on the XP? Post any achievements or xp gains here!

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Pretty pumped about this tbh.



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No pics, but 15m agility xp.



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[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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Your name though...



Level 99 Skills 26/27 200M exp Skills 4/27
Going for 200M All Skills. QFC: 48-49-837-63099395

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But don't even begin to think that I think I'm better than you all simply because I've done 7.6k+ hours of Agility or because I have tens of thousands of fans.

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I did aroudn 55mil mil.  My goal was 60 but i didn't play as much as needed.  Got 14mil Summon, 13mil Herbore, 12 mil fletch, 2 mil agil and a few odds and ends from afk time

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