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Weiyao's Ironman Blog! Current Goal - Legends Quest!

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Finished up a couple more quests (most of the ones I can do with my current stats), so the grind for levels has officially started!




50 firemaking for Desert Treasure.



65 fishing for Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. [/hide]


Done a bit of mining in MLM and smithing steel/gold bars. Fairly slow exp, but I need 60 mining anyway for Lunar Diplomacy, so I'll think of a faster method if I still need to at 60 mining.




Fairly straight forwards quest. Might pop back for Lessers, if I get bored of Catacombs. 




Had this mostly done a few days ago, just was waiting for the tree to grow and remembering to collect branches. Will unlock routes as I need them (luckily most of them are diary reqs or quest reqs). 




I totally forgot disease required 3 whole doses to cure, so I didn't bring enough for the final boss fight. Luckily, non of the disease splats hit combat stats, so didn't make the quest any harder than usual.




I'm glad I read that the sled is still a clue req after the quest, so I'm keeping mine in the bank. Otherwise, easy quest with pray. Most of the boss fights in these pre-2007 quests are really easy imo once you get 43 pray. You don't really even need to use prayer potions. Guess I still have the more difficult ones to come (DT, Lunar series, RFD).




65 Strength done, 2/3 more levels for 65 attack. Unfortunately I got another Infernal Mages task so I might not get it for another couple of days, depending on how long I put off doing Infernal Mages.


For the next update, I'll probably continue to work on Mining/Smithing, and maybe some RC, since I'm fairly close to 35 rc now.


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Sorry for the lack of updates, I had one ready before I left for a week away in Portugal, but was being lazy in uploading it.




I got 65 attack finally! With that, I could finally enter the Warrior's guild:




So my defender farm began. All together it took around 1500 for the rune defender and ~50 for the dragon defender (lucky!)


[spoiler=defender hunt]




I went from bronze to mithril in less than 500 tokens, but I think it took over 1000 for the adamant one to drop.







I had been farming barbarian spirits for the grapples, and lucked out with another Rune Scimitar. Nothing special now that I upgraded to a dragon scimitar, but something cool to remember:




Whilst farming defenders, I got many hard clues, but had to drop two, as both required a rune heraldic item :( But I did get another unique (not sure if it was from a hard):



With 65 fishing, I also went back and finished up Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, and grinded out 100% favour. No luck on the goutweed front, but I did get enough to do My Arm's Big Adventure.



Can't remember why I screenshotted this one, must have been a quest requirement.



Got the slayer level for black masks, but I'm not really in a rush there, as I still need to do quite a few quests to get to the caves.





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