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  1. Nice how you say to me about this skilling when you have all these accounts with good stats! Your doing really well! Maybe its just a OSRS thing?
  2. I am also a fan of Anime and you can follow my profile below; http://www.anime-pla...m/users/Power27 Currently Watching: Naruto
  3. Thanks! You Too! Thanks, Yeah i tend to just play and watch TV at the same time. There are times i get bored and just end up logging out. I find it hard to just sit there and watch TV though so when i am in that mood i try to stick to 1 skill and go straight for the level i want.
  4. Hi, I took a long break after finishing 80 Fishing, and came back about 1 month ago, i started the grind for 99 Thieving to get money for Kingdom and i finally got it on 15/04/2017 I am now going for 99 Firemaking and have gone from 65-87, i will update again when i am 99 with a list of rewards for anyone interested.
  5. Hi, I am posting so you know what that means. 80 Fishing From that i got 82 Cooking The spoils of Fishing; Hopefully this will be enough food to get me to 87 Slayer!
  6. Grats on the Dragon Defender, very lucky with the amount of Tokens! Good Luck with the Mith Grapples and Black Mask hunt!
  7. Hi, I got 60 Smithing for the Blast Furnance, that update comes out next week so may use all my gold ore when that does I was then going to get 80 Fishing to have a good amount of Monk Fish for Slayer but i thought it would make sense to get the Fishing Outfit (Anglers), off to Fishing Trawler i went. The drop rate for 1 piece is 1/8, i think i ended up doing about 55 trips which last 12 minutes each for the full set and will start fishing Monks tomorrow. Spoils from Fishing Trawler The fishing grind will take me around 10 days, but with Clue in a Bottle i might get some decent Clue Scroll Rewards to post in the mean time. Thanks
  8. Hello, It's been 11 days and i have now gone from 60-80 Mining as below; During this time i went from 53 Smithing to 56 Smithing repairing the Broken Strucks I gained 464 Gold Nuggets and below is the before and after for my Ores and Gems. This also includes 2 Gem Bags in which i get a Dragonstone! I am now going to be working on 60 Smithing using the Gold Ores, in preperation for the Blast Furnance Update.
  9. Hi, I didn't want to spam you daily with pictures of just Crafting Levels and My orb stack changing so decided to wait and post after i finished that little goal, as below; Finally Crafting Supplies; Can now make a Fury, although i am going to wait until i do barrows runs to get the Chaos runes required to buy the Onyx, also a little off on the mage level to Enchant one. I saved some Molten Glass as making a Light Orb is a Master Clue requirement, not that i plan on being able to do one any time soon, but can't huty to try! This took me from 18th to last night the 23rd. Haven't done the calculations but this should be pretty close to 99 Crafting, once i get all the Battlestaffs.... and Cosmics.... and charge all the orbs... Crafting Level; Also did Tears of Guthix this week and got the below; I am now starting my grind from 60-80 Mining at Motherload Mine and went from 60-62 Mining last night I know the blog isn't very exciting currently but bare with me and hopefully i can get into the exciting stuff one day Thanks!
  10. Awesome progress! I see most of your goals from the front page have been done, any new short term goals?
  11. 16/08/2016 Carried on making Orbs today Levels Also did an Easy clue i had in my bank, hopefully the rewards are better in the future
  12. Hi Itam! Good Luck with your goals, just wanted to let you know you made me want to create an Ironman reading your old blog pre eoc and your OSRS diy one! Make a OSRS Ironman please :)
  13. Awesome, can you explain how your are getting each type of clue? I was looking on the Wiki and there isn't even really any drop rates like OSRS. I assume after that many clues you have a optimal setup for getting them. Also you should list the missing items as that is a lot of items! Good Luck!
  14. 15/08/2016 Finished Superglass making the Sand/Seaweed and start turning the Molten Glass into Orbs Amount of Molten Glass when Finished; Starting amount of Glass/Orbs Current amount of Glass/Orbs Levels
  15. 14/08/2016 Got closer to superglass making all the Sand/Seaweed, should be finished with this tomorrow, then moving onto making the Molten Glass into Orbs. Levels Tears of Guthix
  16. Thank you for your help i have now changed the photos so you can see these easier. If anyone wants to ask any questions please feel free to do so. Feel free to add me in game my friends is on - Username: IronXXVII
  17. 13/08/2016 Levels Can someone explain how to make the photos show, rather than being a link? Thank you.
  18. Hi All, Welcome to my Blog on my Road to Max Ironman! I have played this account for around 30 days. Proof of Account Bank Pictures - 13/08/2016 Black Mask Drop I am also a fan of Anime and you can follow my profile below; http://www.anime-planet.com/users/Power27 Currently Watching: Naruto
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