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Sliske's Endgame wave 2

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    Goblin Armour

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I am really struggling with this wave.


I have become better, as I have beaten Nomad and Gregorovic a couple of times, but I have little to no food when I face Linza which makes this fight really difficult. I use full Bandos because I can't afford 80 tier or 90 tier armour (I have 40 mill). Any recommendations on what armour/weapon I should replace?




Attack: 94

Strenght: 95

Defence: 90

Constitution: 95

Prayer: 96

Magic: 98

Ranged: 94



Drygore Longsword

Bandos Helmet, Chestplate, Tassets and Boots
Fire Cape
Amulet of Fury
Culinaromancer Gloves
Sixth-Age Circuit
Dragonfire Shield (also tried Divine Spirit Shield, but it drains my Prayer too fast).





1 Overload

2 Super Restores

1 Enchanced Excalibur

Rocktails in inventory + inside pack yak

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    Ice Giant Melter

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I used magic for the fight. It wouldn't really make Greg and Nomad much faster, but would give you extra defense vs Linza.


Are you using an off hand drygore? If you are really just wanting to finish that part, then might want to try to use guthans so you have decent HP sustain?



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