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Economics Advice Account Security

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    Chicken Feather

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Hey, I make money on my main, and when it get's over 15m cash, I transfer it to another account of mine with no stats.

SOmetimes it happens I transfer a lot in not much time.

Is it possible to get a rwt ban because I transfer money. It isn't a lot, no hundreds of millions, nor billions. but yeah approx. 5-10m transfer each time.


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    Araxyte Authority

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Hello, I'm moving your thread over to Help & Advice where it's better suited.


Jagex relaxed the rules regarding transferring wealth a while ago, so you are free to move it from one account to another. As long as there is no funny business, you'll be fine. But, as an example, if you were botting or scamming people on an account and then trading over money, they would sanction all of your accounts accordingly. So as long as you aren't doing anything illicit, you should most likely be fine. Hope this helps.

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    Ice Giant Melter

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They can see how you're making your gp so they can see if you made it all legitimately, and as long as the gold doesn't get used for anything shady on your other account, your other account -shouldn't- be at risk either.
They should be able to easily tell that both accounts belong to the same person, anyway. :P

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    Post Junkie

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The only real no no they still hold on to about having two of your own accounts interact is if you are using multiple accounts to intentional bypass or manipulate game systems.


Ie using a second account so you can have more ongoing ge trades at once or boost a minigame is considered against the rules, but transfering legitimately earned items or gold between your accounts is fne.


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    Bear Fur

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Just to add to what the others have said and hopefully put your mind at rest; loads of players have alts that are just used for money making.


I have a few friends who have an account at Incandescent Wisps, converting them to energies whilst their main is Slaying / Bossing.


It's perfectly safe as long as you're gaining the wealth legitimately.


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