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Shield of Arrav


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Shield of Arrav no longer needs 2 people to perform the quest. Every direction in the walk through is correct except for the part where you need to exchange keys. The player joins each gang (by looking at my completed quest, it doesn't seem to matter which one is joined first?) and needs to grab both parts of the shield (one half from each location). The player puts them together and then talks to the museum curator. The museum then points the player to the King to claim the bounty. The reward is 1 quest point, 2 prize keys, and 12,000 coins


EDIT: That might also mean that the tip is no longer applicable (gang membership persists). I am not sure how to test that.

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The quest is now indeed without the need (the bother?) for another player for completing it.

The curator of the Museum no longer plays a roll in this quest.





01. Speak to Reldo in the Varrock Library.
02. Find the book "The Shield of Arrav" in that same library.
    You'll find it in a bookshelf on the east side.
    It's the bookshelf with a blue book in it.
03. Speak to Reldo again and find out about the Phoenix Gang.
    He doesn't know, but Baraek the fur trader will know.
    He's at the market place of Varrock.
04. Speak to Baraek. He'll talk for 10 coins. He'll give you directions.
    It is played as if the directions are not very clear (but they are!)
    Baraek will then direct you to Charlie the Tramp for better
    directions. He's wandering at the south gate of Varrock.
05. Speak to Charlie the Tramp. For a small bribe of 10 coins.
    He'll give 'better' directions.




06. Locate the Phoenix Gang hideout [see map]. You'll see a plague
    on the wall next to the door, with "VTAM Corporation".
    Go down the ladder and speak to the doorman.
07. Speak to Straven. You'll not be allowed to enter further.
    You'll need to do a little 'job': Kill Jonny the Beard in the Blue Moon Inn.
    And retrieve his Intel Report Straven wants.
08. Go to the Blue Moon Inn. You have the option to speak to Jonny, but he doesn't
    want to talk. The only option is to kill him. He's a level 1 NPC, so that
    will be an easy kill. When dead, take the intel report and go back
    to Straven.
09. Speak to Straven again. He is a gang leader and when handing over the
    intel report you'll be able to access the hideout of the Phoenix Gang.
    Find yourself a chest in the south west room. Half of the Arrav Shield
    is in there.
10. Speak to Straven again. He'll explain the broken Arrav Shield. Another Gang,
    The Black Arm Gang, has the other piece. Straven, when asked about it,
    will tell you the location of The Black Arm Gang.





11. You're done with the Phoenix Gang, head over to the Black Arm Gang [see map].
    When the directions of Straven are unclear to you, speak to Charlie
    again to get more information. For a little price of course.
12. Speak to Katrine. When asked about joining the gang, you'll have to do a
    little 'job': steal 2 Phoenix Gang crossbows. You'll find them at the
    Phoenix Gang weapon store [see map].
13. Head back in the direction of the Phoenix Gang hideout, but walk past it,
    and enter the empty house next to the chapel. Head up the ladder
    and pick up 2 crossbows from the floor. The weapon master who
    is patrolling doesn't mind. Head back to Katrine.
14. Give Katrine the crossbows and you're a member of The Black Arm Gang.
    You're free to roam around now. Go upstairs in the adjacent room
    and find the other shield part in a cupboard south east of that room.
15. Attach both sides of the shield together.

16. Return to Varrock Palace and locate King Roald. Speak to him about
    the shield. When you give the shield, the quest is over.




- 1 Quest Point
- 1,200 coins
- 2 Treasure Hunter Keys


You need to first join the Phoenix Gang. This gives you access to the weapon store. The Black Arm Gang wants 2 crossbows from the Phoenix Gang.

Without being a member, you'll not be able to pick up those crossbows without the weapon master preventing you from doing so.

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@Abecedar: GREAT WORK!! |^_^| Unlike other people, moaning about how the queset guide is out of date by miles, you just went and wrote one; kudos to you, sir!! 



"Give me 100 Space Marines, or failing that give me 1000 other troops!" - Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists.

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