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Putting chinchompas in Player farm pen ?


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On 5/28/2020 at 5:02 AM, Conan23 said:

I have azure chinchompas inventory - how do I put them in small farm paddock ?

id I release them they disapear - does anyone have a youtube clip on doing this ??

You can't use the same chins as you use for fighting. It has to be *(unchecked) chins bought either via GE, traded with other players or aquired while hunting chins (you will get a message that you just got a *(unchecked) baby chin in your inventory). Just use the chin on your small pen and it should be added. Remember to check them first, because you cant add *(unchecked) animals to pens. If you click your pen and no animal comes up in the window, then you have wrong type of animal for that particular pen. You will also need to add food for them, once they have been added.


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