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Pixel Sig Contest for 200k!!!


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who ever has the best pixel sig from the details below i'll buy it for 200k :D, chop chop chop lets get going now












the Character descriptions: full zammy armor, with dragon baxe, dragon ammy, legends cape, red gloves and boots








the envirement:i want a king black dragon dead on the floor with me with one foot on the dragon and i want the pic in close up








Text: put Combat Lvl 90+ on the top left corner and i want the person saying "No one can defeat me"

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here's the black 'n white-
















Font can be changed








Sample will be removed








The Zamorak symbol on the plate will be ajusted 2mrw when I see a zam plate...








Some stuff can be changed, some can't.








Oh yeah you'll need to tell me what you want the background to be like...








If you don't like I'll carry on for myself... of course I'll remove the "no one can defeat me".












I will colour, shade, etc if you want.

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hey this is just to show u what its gonna be like








if you feel it can win, i will add your name, add a border, and change whatever u want, if i can lol




EDIT:: ok i just realized that there is some white, dont mention that, ill fix, just tell me what u think

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