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If you'd like to suggest a poll topic, you may do so here. To submit a poll topic suggestion, provide a poll question and as many suitable answers as you wish, within reason. Not all poll questions can be used, but they will all be read. Periodically, old suggestions, both used and unused, will be pruned from this topic.


The poll question should be RuneScape, Gaming or Tip.It related, though we will sometimes make exceptions.


So use your imagination, have fun, and suggest away! But before you do, read through our Poll Archive to see how the poll questions are set up, and to make sure your idea hasn't already been used!



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Remember, the SEARCH button is your friend. Use it!

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The first post of this thread has just been updated, and I will be checking this thread regularly for poll ideas to feature on the website each week, so if you have any ideas feel free to post them here.

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