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Need Some PKing Help (never pked bfore!)


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thanks for checking this out. anyway, my character is NOT a pure, but i would like to pk with it.




Stats are as follows:








70 Range


60 Mage


66 Strength


65 Hitpoints


45 Prayer


47 Attack :(


44 Defence :(




My form of attack will be ranging, and will be able to max hit 12 with addy arrows on rapid.




I would like advice on what to wear (eg whether to use coif or rune helm), what to bring (eg should i bring any weapon or str pot to finish off fight)




I will be pking near the edgeville bank place




any comments and help would be greatly appreciated




thanks! ÃÆâÃâ¹ÃâÃâú

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Pretty basic really, you're not a pure, so you'll get beat by pures. Watch the melee guys, run and shoot, etc etc.


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As others suggested above,make a pure.




The stats you have are not bad but it wont be fun if you started pking with those stats since Rune Fulls will hit you much more than you would do on them.




Any range or str pure would be handful for you(no offence).




If you still want to PK then the only thing I'd say is get yourself a team & pk in multi.


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Well, if you range, you can be a bit more effective against mages. So here goes:




1) Use rune arrows, not addy. If you don't want to buy them, fire giants drop them relatively often.


2) Use an archer helm, not rune. Gives a nice attack bonus and an o.k. defence bonus.


3) Bring Binds. Lots of 'em.


4) Think thats about all, you're set to go. Just remember to keep an eye out for pures 8-) .



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