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Totaly clueless.. Need osme hlep for my Prince ALi rescue.


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God i havent done this quest since rsc....


Umm get wet clay ask the lady to show you the key.


You should get an imprint in the clay.


Get a bronze bar and take it to one of the quest npc's and show them so they make a key.


If its not a quest npc try some smithers


Also try tip.its quest guide \'


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You are supposed to take the key mold and a bronze bar to one of the quest npc's. You have to "sweet talk" the lady into showing you the key. Basically any option that flatters her and make sure you have the soft clay in your invent when you do it. I can't remember if the quest npc you take the mold and bronze bar to is the spy guy at Al Kharid or the spy lady near Draynor.

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