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Is It Possible To Get Fire Cape Using Magic?


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thanks alot for all the help people. sorry for not posting this is the correct section but you dont have to be cheaky about it. anyways thanks everyone else for the help and the reason i,m asking this is because i,m only raising magic, defence and prayer as combat. :shock:

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friend of mine used blood barrage all the way, cost him over 5m per trip, includeing that he made his own deaths




Uhm 5mill including jad ????


I think that is excluding the fight versus jd because he has +9999 mage def :P


I went once at 53 using blood barrage to heal and to heal only, cost me 1-2mill epr trip already, the 360s and 702 are near impossible to mage.


You might hit 1/15- 1/25 times on the 360s


and maybe 1/50 on jad, not to mention the incredible amount of time you wopuld have to last without failing a pray switch :o and the crazy use of prayer pots.


Maging everything would be REALLY hard, but it is definetly a good option to combine range and mage to heal like I did :D

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